Varieties of Juices – Juice Bars Common Place for All for Maximum Varieties of Juices

Varieties of Juices vary according to the areas where it is present. But today each and every types and varieties of juices are easily available due to better transportation facilities. Many companies are indulged in juice making because the market of juice is increasing. People today are more health conscious and want to keep them fit with these types of beverages rather than having just a cold drinks like coke and Pepsi.

Popular juices include, but are not limited to, apple, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, tomato, passion fruit, mango, carrot, grape, cherry, cranberry, guava, and pomegranate. It has become increasingly popular to combine a variety of fruits into single juice drinks. Popular blends include cran-apple (cranberry and apple) and apple and blackcurrant. Today prepacked fruit juice combination are more in demand rather than prepackaged single fruit juices. A number of new companies have had considerable success supplying prepackaged fruit juice permutations on the basis of this transition.

Today Juice bars are the common place which can provide fresh and pure juice according to the demand and taste of their customers, that too instantly. These juice bars are becoming more popular in the western countries and developing countries like India. These are the spots that are becoming popular and a common for all for maximum varieties of juices. In India and other parts of the world most common juice is of lime and lemon which is commonly applicable to many cooking recipes from various cultures. The lemon juice help to add a slightly more sour or acidic taste to dishes.

It is also seen that, various temporary juice bars are made in the summers, due to the excessive demands of juices and other drinks like fresh juices. In India many of these bars can be seen at the road side which are ready to quench the thirst of the road side visitors and other people. The highest sold juice is a lemon juice popularly known as ‘Shikanji’ in India, which provide an instant relief from the thirst and gives an extra energy.