Become Attractive To Woman and Enjoy your Relation

When a guy wants to become attractive to women then he should have certain qualities. These qualities can actually make them very much attractive. Here in this article we have thought of discussing about those qualities so that, it helps you too.


 Every woman wants her man to be kind not only to her but also to others. A girl will always want that her man should treat her nicely and kindly.

Sense of humor

A proper sense of humor is such a thing that every girl wants her man to have. You do not have to be rowdy for that, but, be nice and you should be able to crack some meaningful funny jokes and love to laugh.

Be trustworthy

You should always be very much trustworthy to a girl. Girl prefers those guys who are faithful and loyal.

Be positive

All the girls love those boys who are very much positive about their life. They do not prefer negativity.

Have ambition

Every girl loves a boy who has proper ambition. So always have a proper aim in mind and life.

These basic qualities are very important and essential when you want to become attractive to women. Keep these in mind.

The Latest Untethered Jailbreak Firmware for Your Favorite Gadgets

Many people are excited about the new untethered jailbreak for 6.0.1. They are interested to know whether their latest iPhone 5 will also get jailbreak by this firmware. The official Apple Dev team has not confirmed on this yet, but there are many out there in the internet who is claiming that they have successfully jailbreak the latest iPhone.

But it has been proved by the gadget freaks and also the dev team that the users of iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, iPod touch (fourth generation) can be a jailbreak by using this firmware. The new untethered jailbreak for 6.0.1 is simply using the RedsnOw for jailbreaking. You can use this for your 3S iPhone, but it will be tethered and not the highly anticipated untethered version.

The features of the new untethered jailbreak for 6.0.1

If you are wondering about what is the reason of so much anticipation and excitement regarding this jailbreak, then you should first understand the meaning of this term clearly. In jailbreak, two types of methods are used. One is the tethered, and the other is the untethered. In the tethered version, whenever you restart your devise, or reboot it, you will need the assistance of a computer for running the features after the process of Jailbreak efficiently.

While, in the case of untethered version, you are free to reboot or restart your device whenever you feel like it. The new untethered jailbreak for 6.0.1 will give you freedom from dependence on the computer forever. Technically speaking most of the developers and mobile lovers would love to use the untethered version, but till now the tethered version is most popularly used.

The working principle of RedsnOw

RedsnOw uses the version that was created by Gehot and works on the exploits of Limra1n. This version is so versatile that any new untethered jailbreak for 6.0.1 can be quickly updated by using this firmware. The only glitch in this is that as it is hardware based, the mobile company is using this as a patch in only the latest devices, and not in most of the older devices. Now the developers of the company are using iOS to break the devise, which they are calling as, “failbreak”.


Boman Rustom Irani is a tech lover and a cool chairman. To know more about him visit his Blog.