A punchy new soft drink and cocktail mixer based on Lulo

The Lulo fruit is a very common fruit in Colombia with a distinct fruity and floral taste. This fruit is offering a chance to transform the lives of a large population in Columbia with the marketing of its juice as Berraquera.

Berraquera is a resilient and creative energy that has made it possible for the fruit farmers and factories in the country bounce back from a number of setbacks and obstacles to get this punchy new soft drink and cocktail mixer based on lulo fruits available in the UK.

Many people find it a great alternative to alcoholic cocktails while others just love to include it in the ingredients for a natural tasting alcoholic cocktail. Unknown to the people enjoying the cocktail in the UK is how much they are contributing towards transforming the lives of small-scale farmers in Columbia who have put their efforts together to develop this niche fruit in the international market.

The farmers are struggling to compete with cheaper and more available imports on the market but with a budding market for Berraquera in the UK, they stand a much better chance. Despite having the odds against them, the farmers still have a smile on their face because they believe it is possible.

On Kickstarter, Rutie Ballestas has started a campaign to get more support towards making berraquera available in the UK. The project needs a pledge of at least £2000. The project strives to create a fluid communication between the farmers in Columbia and the consumers in the UK, so far there have been skype calls made between the two countries and this is already exciting to both the farmers and the consumers.

Anyone can contribute towards the success of this project through generous contributions on Kickstarter which will not go unrewarded. You can visit the page on Kickstarter to see some of the awesome rewards you would get from supporting this project.

You can support this project and join the them at: https://goo.gl/QTzGdJ

App Helps Simplify Patient & Doctor Communication

This is an app that is likely to change the way patients interact with their doctors and to make life much easier for patients who need to regularly see their doctors to get readings of their vital signs. MEDTALKCOMPANION sends vital signs information to the doctor and provides a virtual doctor-patient consultation which means a patient is able to keep a doctors appointment while at home or even while travelling which means having a disease like diabetes which needs constant checking of blood glucose level and other vital signs will not prevent a patient from carrying on with their life or going away on vacation.

Some of the features of this App include:

– Virtual doctors office visit with voice interaction

– Takes readings of vital signs and relays them to the doctor

– Provides measurements and alarms

– Bluetooth connection to sensors

– Stores medical test history records

At the moment, the App is in prototype stage which is why the makers are using the crowd-funding website Indiegogo to try and get $25,000 in funding pledges so that they can carry on with the development of an even more advanced App with better features.

This App is the result of 8 years of research and experience by leading wireless technicians working closely with Dr. Steven Steinhubl and Dr. Eric Topel who are leading wireless healthcare researchers at Scripps Translational Science Institute.

So far the prototype can provide information about Blood oxygen, glucose levels, blood pressure, cardio and medication adherence which can all be used by doctors as well as health insurers. The app will save a lot of time and money on health care since it will enable doctors take note of possible complications in a patient’s health and be able to attend to them before it escalates. For example, a person with diabetes can be called in once the doctor notices the blood glucose level setting off the alarm at a particular level.

However, the MEDTALKCOMPANION app still needs more support on indiegogo to be funded and approved by the FDA. Support them today by visting: https://goo.gl/Vvo0zC