A Journey To The Rich History of Cohiba Cigars

This particular brand comes from Vuelta Abajo in Cuba and is made after superfluous fermentation. This brand was established in 1968 and only supplied in limited places like Fidel Castro and senior officials of Communist party of Cuba and government of Cuba. Very limited quantities of this product are only available in the market since 1982.


In 1960’s,a defender of Fidel Castro distributed some cigars which was supplied privately by Eduardo Ribera who was an artisan. Castro was so impressed with these cigars that he immediately made up a special blend under severe security.

Cohiba Edición Diamante cigars took nine years in the manufacturing and finally got released in 2011 December. Cameroon cover leaves are used from the commendable harvest of 1980’s.  Additionally, a popular variety of exclusive Cuban tobacco seed grown in Dominic Republic and Indonesian Jember binder is used. A perfumed aroma comes out of smoke with woody odour along with cinnamon.

Product Details:

Two very prominent lines of Cohiba area as follows:

  • Full to medium flavoured lineaClasica- This got introduced in the years between 1966-1989.
  • Medium flavoured Linea1492- This was introduced in the year 1992 to celebrate the great 500th anniversary of discovery on expedition of Columbus.

Later in 2002 SigloVI which is a new size of this cigar was introduced and supplemented to Linea 1492.

Cohiban Cuba is one of the most premium tobacco produced in Cuba.It is taken from the best tobacco fields in San Luis and San Juan Martinez areas of Vuelta Abajo place. To keep the quality intact the production is done in these selected fields, wherein only five of the output from these fields is used in an average yield in a year. Seco and ligero are the filtered leaves exceptionally amongst Habanos. It goes through triple fermentation process which brings smoothness of the blend.

  1. It is short in size compared to other cigars.
  2. It is made with a crafty pigtail
  3. Wrapper is of reddish brown, covered in Colorado.

It tastes very rich and luscious.

Production History:

Earlier the localities of Sant Domingo use to grow cured leaves and smoked for bliss. These leaves were names “cohiba” which was heard by Christopher Columbus and his other sailors. After 500 years from then Cuban cigars were named after Fidel Castro smoked it. In the year 1978, General Cigar Company took its licence and developed Cohiba cigars in The Dominic Republic.

Initially these Cohiba cigars were made in El Laguito factory in Havana but now it is also produced at Fernando Perez, a German factory.

The third largest market of Cohiba cigars is China while Spain and France are the leading. Last year sales in China increased by 40%while of Europe got dropped after recession. The Chinese believes in usage of lots of products which are exclusive and are profound smokers. Among all the highly priced cigars Cohiba’s cigars are the most popular buy as reported by Javier Terres to the media.

Beware of Fake Cohiba Cigars:

Authentic Cohiba Cigar should be only bought from the country which is legalised in selling them.If original Dominican Cohiba is to be bought trademark should be checked with red dotted edition from General Cigar. They are of best quality and fantastic flavour of Habana.

It won the Cigar Aficionado’s best cigar for the year2010.