About Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer trains people in different aspects of physical fitness so that they can stay healthy, fit and in proper body shape. Fitness trainer not only instructs any particular individual but also groups in their exercising regime and provide basic advice over topics like health, nutrition, changes in lifestyle and body posture etc. fitness trainer also designs specific programs for variety of people keeping in mind their age, fitness level , lifestyle and health parameters.

Demand of fitness trainers has increased many folds now-a-days. From hardworking executives to homemakers, bosses and young people, the number of health conscious people has doubled, thus making fitness a flourishing business with large number of health centers opening up every day in some or the other vicinity.

Fitness trainer works in fitness centers, big hotels, spas, tourist resorts, health clubs, housing societies as well as in large companies. To be a good physical trainer, a good physique, determination to spend long hours working out is essential.  Even good knowledge of human anatomy and basic effects of lifestyle, stress, diet and nutrition on body is better to know to be a good fitness trainer. Also as a fitness trainer, you should be innovative enough to make changes in workouts to avoid monotony to develop.

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