Cool 5 Rules to Get Hot, Attractive Lean Body and a Flat Stomach

The larger the waist size is, the more you need to understand the need to get fit and cool. Since, it has been proved in studies that people with larger waist size are more prone to cardiac diseases, fatigue, indigestion gastric problems etc. that leads to temporary or permanent lack of sleep and may cause insomnia in the long run.

Following are some tips to get zero size and flat stomach with attractive lean body:

Rule 1:
Substitute diet soda, with pure water as per your daily requirement. For better results mix it with lemon and a bit of honey to make wonderful tasty lemonade.

Rule 2:
You may stay hungry for a while but don’t starve yourself anyway. It’s OK to stay a little bit hungry before you go to bed as it enhances your metabolism. To cope up with the hunger pangs, you may ask a doctor to recommend you the reasonable amount of potassium and calcium a few hours before you go to bed. Keep hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator handy and if you get really hungry, take one at night.

Rule 3:
Eat things in a decreasing quantity like larger quantity of vegetables than lesser fruits and ultimately smallest quantity of starch. It is mostly found in the form of carbohydrates and in bread. Flip the food pyramid upside down and take a lot of lean meats and healthy fats, since they help you retain the required amount of energy.

Rule 4:
Health foods are really not so very healthy for your health, so just ditch the excess in routine meals starches such as rice, potatoes, cereals, oats etc. They can be healthy in some ways but if you are aiming to get slim and get flat stomach then you need to stop taking them. Such eatables increase fat accumulation on the stomach area, so these should be taken on specific times only if you aiming at to get quick weight loss.

Rule 5:
Eat lots of roughage to strengthen the digestive system. Make raw vegetables an integral part of your dinner as it helps in fat burning. It definitely helps in retaining water content in the body which is very essential in keeping the body hydrated all the time.

Just Cool Down After Every Exercise?

Most of us believe that cool down is very essential after exercise. If one is asked why it is so, then different people may have their different opinion. Some may say that cool down after exercise helps to get the lactic acid out while according to others it helps to cool down the tight short muscles.

One may be surprised to know that in real there is no literature behind doing cool down after zero. Experts say that it is no sense of doing cool down after any exercise or workout and its benefit is next to zero. It is true that people do cool down after exercise but it is also not false that very few know the reason why they do so. Most of them believe that it is an established fact and there is nothing to study about it.

Some people who are doing cool down are not even clear on what a cool down should be. Weather it is stretching or doing the same exercise slowly or it is just having a casual walk after your exercise. To be true, it is just an understudied topic and no one knows why it is done and how it should be done.

Few experts believe that lactic acid is good for your muscles and act as a fuel. They say that it is better not to cool down after exercise because lactic acid produced changes back into glycogen which is a fuel for muscles and if you cool down, it gets wasted.

To conclude, there is only one particular fact to which exercise researchers agree and that is not to stop all of a sudden after any exercise. According to them, while doing intense exercise, the blood vessels in your legs expand in order to send more blood to your legs and feet and in doing so your heart beat increases. Now if you stop all of a sudden, your heart slows down and your blood is pooled in your legs and feet. This may cause dizziness or in some cases it may even lead to death.

Why We Sweat – 7 Tips to Avoid Sweating for Being Fit and Cool


Have you ever wondered why we sweat? What really happens inside our body cells, which make us sweat? Here are also some of the tips that avoid sweating and helps you to remain fit and cool.

Why We Sweat

Actually when temperature around you rises, tiny blood vessels close to your skin open up. This excites the blood in the veins and enables them in carrying the heat in your body away from hard-working muscles. This leads to formation of water which in the form of sweat escapes through your sweat glands and appears on your skin. This sweat dries up soon and evaporates when it is exposed to the flowing air in the atmosphere and you feel some cool down sensation in flowing air.

On the other hand on those humid and really hot days when there is so much moisture in the air, it can’t absorb the sweat from your body, thus you feel less comfortable even when the air is blowing up. Also in a state when your body temperature gets above 98.6 degrees, your brain sends out a signal that tells that you are bit in comfortable and distressed. This causes you to sweat.

7 Tips to Avoid Sweating

It is a point to be remembered that your body needs regular hydration when it’s too hot outside. Your body works like you cool sports car which after the long run uses coolant and needs to refill the tank. So refill your tank by drinking lots of water with added supplements.

You should also focus on:

1.      Drink plenty of water, use a fan.

2.      Play outside during cooler parts of the day and at cooler parts of your areas where there is enough shade.

3.      Plan some indoor activities, take a dip in the pool and stay fit and cool.

4.      Dress up cool and stylish. Wear fashion clothing that is loose fitting and use cotton clothes that are light colored and attract less heat. Stay away from dark-colored clothing like black and dark blue as they soak up sunlight and heat.

5.      Keep your feet fit and cool. To keep your feet cool try wearing shoes that allow your feet to breathe and that don’t trap sweat and heat.

6.      Avoid consuming drinks that have caffeine, lots of sugar, or carbonation in them, like soda or tea.

7.      Take the extra boost up drinks with you when you are out for more hours. Whether at work or at play you need soft drinks, sports drinks, and other popular energizer drinks that can add instant energy to your body when you want some cool down. Consider adding high levels of sugar, salt, and potassium if you are working your body hard. This will also add minerals and necessary nutrients to your body.

Enjoy The Coolness of Life by Slimming Down

We all love to be slim, trim, smart handsome and beautiful. We always want to be cool and healthy too. This can be possible if we have a fit and a cool body. We know that being a slim and healthy can help us in preventing many problems and diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, etc., but it is also a fact that it makes our life more enjoyable too. When you are slim you can work better, play better, run better, sex better and thus making your life better.
It is seen that most of the women were not liked by their husbands when they gain some weight may be due to overeating, pregnancy, or other factors. These women can gain their husband’s love back if they slim down. But most of us don’t try to be so. Although we know that slimming down can make our life better we do not care for achieving it. May be this because, some of us don’t have time to achieve it and some of us don’t have effective ideas which can help us in achieving the slim and sexy body. But this is not so hard to achieve but a perfect diet plans can help it lot.
Perfect weight loss plan doesn’t needs some extra ordinary but requires some change in our present eating habits. We can easily have a slim and trim, sexy looking cool figure if we take a low carb diet. Proper diet plans can help us lot in maintaining the perfect looking figure.
So the conclusion is that if we can have a perfect looking figure and a better health, with the help of better diets, we can enjoy our life to the most.

Drink up More Water During Eexercise for Getting Better Hydration

Hydration is so important when you are exercising, you sweat when you exercise even if you don’t notice. You need to replace this fluid loss. If you don’t, you will get tired sooner. You may feel sick or dizzy, and your performance will suffer. You can also get cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion which can be life threatening. So drink water before, after and even during exercise so that you can get better hydration and just get cool down after every exercise.

Before Exercise
Drink water throughout the day even when you are not exercising. Drink water at least 2 to 8 glasses per day. Keep a water bottle handy at all times. About 3 to 4 hrs., before a big game, performances, events or a long run, drink about 300-400 ml. (1.5- 2 glass) of water. Some athletes prefer to stop drinking water after sometime so that they have time to empty their bladder before exercising.

During Exercises
It is better to have a small drink of water often when exercising, rather than gulping large amounts at a time. If possible drink 150-350 ml. of water after every 15-20 minutes during exercise. This is especially important when exercising during hot weather, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

After Exercising
Keep drinking water after exercise to replace water lost through sweating. You can weigh yourself before and after strenuous exercise sessions to find out how much weight was lost due to sweating. To replace each pound you need to consume 250-300 ml. sports drink. It contains water in addition to glucose and sodium and potassium. You lose a certain amount of sodium, potassium chloride and magnesium when you sweat. The flavor of sweet sports drink may encourage you to drink liquids more often.