War for Humanity

As a result of the military intervention by the five world powers, we are experiencing the worst humanitarian crises since WWII. The ongoing conflicts in Syria, Libya, and Yemen are well planned and exist for the sole purpose of promoting global arms trade and global domination, which leaves no country safe or secure.

Up till this very moment, the people of Syria, Libya, and Yemen have remained under massive bombardment by over fifteen nations, which has lasted for years. Even so, this has already cost nearly a million innocent lives and displaced over ten million people.

Therefore, we are asking for your help to join the War for Humanity, in demanding to call UN general assembly meeting to immediately save the people of Yemen and Syria and it is fundamental that several exceptionally toxic UN rules such as withdrawing of all foreign troops from foreign soil, banning all nuclear weapons by any nation the Veto power and permanent security council membership are outlawed to help protect help protect innocent civilian lives.

Together in one voice, we can bring a great change to the world at large—lasting PEACE.

Do your share at War for Humanity www.warforhumanity.com

How Assessment Of Contaminated Soil Is Done

An environmental site assessment is important. It involves a study of both past and present activities that take place on a piece of land. It is meant to determine the contamination possibility on the site, and the environmental impact that it may have if it spreads.


There are a number of steps that are involved in it. These include sample readings, a historical study and the final report. They could either be done as part of property transfers or in some cases they may be requested by a company agency.

A new owner may be severely and/or jointly liable for cleanup costs in the event that environmental contamination is discovered after the property is sold. There are cases where the cost of environmental cleanup or extensive investigation may exceed the normal market value of the property. A large percentage of gas stations and dry cleaners that are assessed usually have a degree of impacted groundwater or soils at the site. This is why it is important to examine properties that have either contained or still contain these businesses.

There are a number of phases that are involved in assessment of contaminated soil. These include Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV Environmental Site Assessment. Different processes are adapted in all of them. The extent of each project is dependent on the business objectives of the client.

An ESA Phase IV relies on the findings of all the results of the previous three phases of investigations. The data collected will be used to come up with a cost-effective cleanup of the site. Contamination that is found during Phase II and Phase III will prompt site rehabilitation to be done in order to determine the environmental quality of the site that is contaminated.

The good thing is that there are many companies that offer this service. Always ensure you pick a company that is qualified and experienced. A good company has the expertise to suggest to clients several methods that can be used to decontaminate or treat a site that are cost-effective in Environmental Site Assessment Phase IV.

The process may at times be expensive hence you should consider setting aside a sufficient budget. Some of the methods that are proposed by firms during ESA Phase IV may include disposal and excavation at a site that is authorized, treatment of underground water, introducing mitigation measures, chemical oxidation of soils that are contaminated and the biotreatment of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils.

Choose from different genres for oil painting reproductions

There are various genres of art from which you can choose to get your oil painting reproductions done. So, you could choose from Portraits, European Art, 20th Century, Abstract, American Art, Landscapes, Old Masters, Pop Art etc. Another customization that is possible is that your painting can be created in six different size options or you could also get them custom sized.

Other than that, the galleries will offer special commission services for the painting which are not available in their standard catalogues. You would only have to send the image and let them know the size that you require. They will then give you advices on the options for proportionate sizes and you would be able to make the purchases online.

Some of the art galleries also specialize in creating oversized canvas reproductions. And, these can be up to 8 feet. And, these galleries have great experience in the preparation and the shipping of the oversized canvases. And, these galleries also have online sites from which you could purchase the paintings online. Also, there will be so many size options available to choose from. So, they will hold the stock and the painting will get created especially for you by their in-house artists who are thoroughly professional. Depending upon the size of the painting and the drying take required by most of the paintings, these paintings will be completed within 2 to 3 weeks. Quality is given the utmost importance and special techniques are also used.

If you require the painting reprodukcje really fast, you can just let the gallery know and they will make the painting in real quick time, without compromising on the quality. Whatever their work be, they offer great value for money deals and will sustain for a longer time. You can check them out and give them a try.

What is Love Tarot Reading?

Most of us are drawn to the Tarot readings when we are eager to know about our future especially in love segment. There are numerous Tarot readers that you will find and some of them have really established their names in reading people’s future.

Love is the number Uno reason why many of seek Tarot readings. There is no second doubt that a psychic readings can give you the overview of your several certain things and future happenings that you many like to know about. Love tarot reading has remained a popular option for majority of people who take it hoping to find their soul mate or love advices.

Love tarot can certainly aid you to discover your soul mate so that you can find your kind of true love once for an all. From the tarot readings you will be able to learn from the signs to watch for and how you will be attracting your soul mate and how you can become a perfect loving partner. Learning these great love tarot tips from your reader will lead you to one step closer in meeting the love of your life.

Because you haven’t fine one as yet doesn’t mean you will never find your soul mate. These love readings will help you in keeping yourself positive and believing yourself that your true soul mate will meet you at definite time. These readings are useful in understanding all your questions regarding love lingering in your mind since long freeing you from unnecessary tensions. And one may get the help of psychic phone readings anytime.

Love tarot reading is also useful in uplifting your spirits, and offers you an added boost you may require to keep your love life interesting.  Love tarot is not just about finding your future soul mates, but if you are presently in a relationship and feel that you are losing the grip than do not worry. These love tarot readings will help you make your love relationship stronger. Not just love thing, but these reading will provide you with more insights about the people in your life.

Finding your love partner through this love tarot reading is certainly possible only if you choose to have the reading from authentic tarot readers. Give yourself some thought and then only pursue which is genuine in this field.

A Journey To The Rich History of Cohiba Cigars

This particular brand comes from Vuelta Abajo in Cuba and is made after superfluous fermentation. This brand was established in 1968 and only supplied in limited places like Fidel Castro and senior officials of Communist party of Cuba and government of Cuba. Very limited quantities of this product are only available in the market since 1982.


In 1960’s,a defender of Fidel Castro distributed some cigars which was supplied privately by Eduardo Ribera who was an artisan. Castro was so impressed with these cigars that he immediately made up a special blend under severe security.

Cohiba Edición Diamante cigars took nine years in the manufacturing and finally got released in 2011 December. Cameroon cover leaves are used from the commendable harvest of 1980’s.  Additionally, a popular variety of exclusive Cuban tobacco seed grown in Dominic Republic and Indonesian Jember binder is used. A perfumed aroma comes out of smoke with woody odour along with cinnamon.

Product Details:

Two very prominent lines of Cohiba area as follows:

  • Full to medium flavoured lineaClasica- This got introduced in the years between 1966-1989.
  • Medium flavoured Linea1492- This was introduced in the year 1992 to celebrate the great 500th anniversary of discovery on expedition of Columbus.

Later in 2002 SigloVI which is a new size of this cigar was introduced and supplemented to Linea 1492.

Cohiban Cuba is one of the most premium tobacco produced in Cuba.It is taken from the best tobacco fields in San Luis and San Juan Martinez areas of Vuelta Abajo place. To keep the quality intact the production is done in these selected fields, wherein only five of the output from these fields is used in an average yield in a year. Seco and ligero are the filtered leaves exceptionally amongst Habanos. It goes through triple fermentation process which brings smoothness of the blend.

  1. It is short in size compared to other cigars.
  2. It is made with a crafty pigtail
  3. Wrapper is of reddish brown, covered in Colorado.

It tastes very rich and luscious.

Production History:

Earlier the localities of Sant Domingo use to grow cured leaves and smoked for bliss. These leaves were names “cohiba” which was heard by Christopher Columbus and his other sailors. After 500 years from then Cuban cigars were named after Fidel Castro smoked it. In the year 1978, General Cigar Company took its licence and developed Cohiba cigars in The Dominic Republic.

Initially these Cohiba cigars were made in El Laguito factory in Havana but now it is also produced at Fernando Perez, a German factory.

The third largest market of Cohiba cigars is China while Spain and France are the leading. Last year sales in China increased by 40%while of Europe got dropped after recession. The Chinese believes in usage of lots of products which are exclusive and are profound smokers. Among all the highly priced cigars Cohiba’s cigars are the most popular buy as reported by Javier Terres to the media.

Beware of Fake Cohiba Cigars:

Authentic Cohiba Cigar should be only bought from the country which is legalised in selling them.If original Dominican Cohiba is to be bought trademark should be checked with red dotted edition from General Cigar. They are of best quality and fantastic flavour of Habana.

It won the Cigar Aficionado’s best cigar for the year2010.

How Will You Draw Guests To Your Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are an integral part of any wedding. It is a gift giving ceremony which is held before the wedding. It is aimed at helping a bride and her family to help them in collecting things to be presented as her dowry.

This practice is very helpful for those parents who do not have the money to give dowry. All the gifts thus received in bridal showers can be used as dowry on the wedding day. On your bridal shower invite your guests with innovative shower cards.

Different Popular Designs of Bridal Shower invitation cards

Invitation cards for Bridal shower invite are available in different designs and themes. Online sites have also started making designs for bridal shower invitation cards. Browsing through such websites help you select from a wide range of designs. You can select a traditional design which usually features an animated picture of a bride with some messages written on them.

New designs featuring unique patterns and colors are also becoming popular.  You can also order a fusion of traditional and modern designs for you bridal shower invitation cards. Different funny bridal shower invitation cards that are very relevant for the occasion are also available.

Importance Of Selecting A Good Bridal Shower Invite

Your bridal shower invite reflects your emotions towards your guests as well as your taste. It is also important because the more guests come to your bridal shower the more helpful it will be for you and your family. So, bridal showers should be able to impress your guest. So, it is important to select a good design.

Moreover they remain as a memento of your marriage. So, they should be well made to retain them for a long time. Although designs of bridal shower invitation cards are available in the market but you can also customize them to give them a special touch.