Features of Garage door opener

Instead of suffering to push the roll-top garage doors, installation of a motorized device called garage door opener will take care of the opening and closing of the doors easier (through switches on the walls or still better using the remote) even if the doors happen to be heavier ones for security reasons. Its installation is very easy.

The garage may have either single or double doors. There are many branded garage door opening systems, whether commercial variety or residential variety or whether wall mounted or ceiling mounted, manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies. There are different models like belt drive or screw drive or chain drive.

They should have external entrapment protection set-up. The system has inbuilt security codes that auto-changes into several combinations, each time the transmitter is operated. The system will consist of an electric eye, containing two photoelectric sensors, fitted on both sides of the track of the garage door. The infrared beam in the garage door opener senses the intervening objects in the midst of the door path and prevents any possible damages to the equipment and also the door will stop and reverse. The door edge sensor, generally used in the elevated doors, will detect any obstructive pressure and stop the door and reverse it. The design will take care of the up-down travel, avoiding any possible damage to the door. Many garage door openers will open comparatively faster but will close at the normal speed. The entire system is designed to withstand any weather conditions. The door opener will work quiet and without noise and vibration, to a great extent.

There are many varieties in the markets and many manufacturers and dealers, offering different warranty options, various mechanisms and different safety levels and different price ranges. Therefore, you should evaluate the functions like power, speed, auto-reverse, wireless keypads, rolling codes, etc and purchase and install the garage door opener that is best of your location.