Skull Tattoos: The skull that makes you look manly

One could easily call them the most popular design among guys. The skull tattoo is a symbol of masculinity.

The skull tattoos are mostly inked on the arms and muscular men commonly have them done on the side of their biceps. The tattoo is also found on the arms of bikers and other adventure seekers.

Skull tattoos are done at any tattoo artist and can be inked in any tattoo shop.

The skull has emerged as the most widely inked structure on the body by tattoo enthusiasts and some of the best tattoo artists agree that though the demand for unique designs is high, the skull tattoo continues to draw huge attention.

The skull tattoos are generally worn by men but many designers have come up with skull tattoos for women.

These skull tattoos have been given a girly look so that the girls are not denied of the chance to wear a skull on their body. This is thus a fast rising market and the tattoo designers are opening up to these designs.

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