Advantages of Paid VPN China Service

In China, many popular websites are banned, and people cannot use these social networking sites on a frequent basis. This initiative took by the Chinese Government so that no one could make bad use of any information, pictures and other essential elements.

Due to this ban, people cannot use these sites on a regular basis and cannot access them on a larger scale. That is the reason that VPN china facility is there for the problem and make the problem easy and safe for the user.

Avoid Free Version Use Of Services

Free version of the services slows the process of the internet and hence it becomes very problematic for the user. With the use of such free version, you can even lose your personal details and even the important details.

It also slows the working of VPN china because it gets overloaded and many organization and authority backlist these services because of their slow process. It does not secure your identity and can disclose for any malpractice. It is advisable that you should avoid this free service and be safe.

Use Of Paid VPN Service In China

Paid VPN china service makes your internet service fast and very safe. This paid service will help you access the unrestricted internet service. You can also get the access of UK/UP IP address.

Secure and safe transaction is also available, and you can do it in at fast basis. Paid service will avoid your personal details and information. Therefore, it is very essential to avail this paid service and get in touch with the rest of the world. Check more at

History about Ice Creams

In the ancient times there are no refrigerators present like the one we now have at our homes. People then have to collect the ice from the mountains and ice lakes present at that time and save them for some time only.

India and china peoples learned the method of freezing i.e. making of ice with the help of ice, water and salt in about 400 B.C. only.

It is also believed that people in china make the ice creams of milk in 400 B.C. only. They also add some flour powder to the milk to make it little thicker.

In mid times a trader named Marco polo of Italy who had came to India had wrote that he had eaten a thing much alike ice cream in far areas of eastern parts of world.

This was liked by him so much at that time that he had taken its recipe and came to Europe.
You will also get amazed to know that Charles of England in 16th century gives his cook an extra pay of 500 pounds per year for not to tell the recipe of ice cream to anyone else because in this way he wanted that ice creams can only be enjoyed by the families of royals and kings at that time. But after the death of Charles first, Demarco made ice cream famous in whole Europe.
Honey and ice cones

It is an amazing fact to know that ice houses were made in Mesopotamia in 400 B.C. but world had started making ice creams much after that.

It was also believed that in 5th decade B.C. Honey and fruits mixed cone of ice were sold in the markets of Athens. In Persia (Iran) in about 400 B.C. members of kings and Charles families of that time were served with ice, honey, fruits, mixed with rose water and some other flavors.

Aunt Shelly is Great

Today the ice cream which we eat was first made by Aunty Shelly shade of America. The ice cream made by her was favorite to the wife (Dolly medicine) of president (James medicine). This recipe was also liked by the president and from then it has taken a part of White House menu.

First commercial plant for making ice cream was first started by James Fusel in 1946-51. After this Nancy Johnson invented crack machine, and after this invention only ice cream got famous in the whole parts of world. Today we can enjoy the ice cream in many flavors like vanilla, chocolate, straw berry, etc.


Previously ice creams were sold in cups made of glass or metals. In 1896 Itallo Marconi an ice cream trader in New York kept ice creams in those cups which can be eaten with ice cream. At this time also in Manchester (England) Antonia Volvona kept ice creams in cups made of biscuits for selling them in the market.

The ancient form of cone was totally different from the cone which we use today. Its structure and design was also different from the present cone. Today the cone which we use and eat was made by earnest Hamby of America.