20 Things to Consider before Wearing Invisalign Braces

Do you feel worried about your misaligned or crooked teeth? Is this the reason you do not want to attend social gatherings? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you should think of wearing invisible braces for your teeth straightening. This is considered to be a great way for improving your appearance and level of confidence. Go through this blog to know about 20 things before you decide to put on braces inside the mouth.

  1. You might suffer from slight lisp – While straightening teeth, there are some chances of getting minor lisp. This is because when metal brackets are being attached to your teeth, there isn’t any way that won’t impact your speaking. So, it is advised not to worry at all when your speech is impacted after wearing the braces. You will become used to with the aligners inside your mouth within a short time.


  1. Make sure you carry lip balm – Lip balm is a vital factor for your comfort level during the procedure. This is applicable from the first day when an orthodontist puts brackets in your mouth. The method may require a few hours and your lips won’t get moistened. Hence, it is suggested to carry nourishing balm for your lips during the appointment for your braces in London to prevent any kind of discomfort.


  1. Application of the braces may hurt – The procedure requires almost two hours for completion and you will suffer from some kind of discomfort and pain at that point of time. As you will remain at the dentist’s office for a few hours, you can relax by watching your favorite movies.


  1. Feeling of being uncomfortable in the first few weeks – You might have never got anything stuck at the front of your teeth earlier but you will now find two bracket rows. This is some kind of adjustment for wearing the braces though this might occur comparatively quickly. You will not remember about your improved appearance before wearing the braces within a few weeks.


  1. Flossing is considered to be a big challenge – Flossing daily is extremely important and wearing braces does not mean you can skip your floss. Most people with braces find flossing very difficult but cleaning the teeth properly is crucial for your overall health, whether or not you have the braces. There are water flossers available that can be used with braces but the dentists do not at all recommend using them for braces.


  1. People of all age group should wear braces – Everyone wants to restore their gorgeous smile, despite whatever age they may be. So, after you wear the braces, you will know about the number of people who might be undergoing the same treatment.


  1. It does not matter to any probable crush – People who have had braces in the past or are wearing them now can be assured of getting their misaligned teeth straightened after the treatment is complete. You will fall in love with your look, smile and confidence level.


  1. Food particles may get stuck in the braces – While you have the braces inside your mouth, there are chances that food particles will get stuck aroud the invisible braces. It is suggested that you travel with your braces kit that consists of a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and threaders.


  1. Tightening braces is necessary though it may hurt – If you need to get your braces tightened, then there are chances of getting hurt. The pain will go away quickly and you will be close to restoring your attractive smile. So, this will be different for everyone who wants to wear braces for teeth straightening.


  1. Teeth will change in the first month itself – With braces, you can be assured of reshaping your teeth condition and improve smile. You will find that your teeth have been straightened within the first month itself.


  1. Clear braces make your lips look different – Braces consist of a hardware that pushes your lips out by making them appear pronounced. The brackets can cut the lips on any occasion and so, it is suggested to keep come wax at your home.


  1. You will become an important part of the club – When you need to wear braces, you will find that others who are having these aligners get used to this treatment. The type of bonding made between you and other person having braces might turn your smile more attractive than you have ever expected.


  1. Orthodontic wax is believed to be a lifesaver – Orthodontic wax can be put on the brackets to your teeth for protecting lips from abrasions or rubbing. This can be a great relief in the early months of the treatment. It is advised that you consult with the dentist about proper way of aplying wax to brackets and take off wax before having your meals.


  1. Food might get stuck for a long time – It is quite common that some pieces of food can get stuck to the braces for a long time. This is not something pleasant and if you feel worried about it, then you should carry a cleaning kit wherever you go.


  1. Time will fly away quickly – Patients who have already preformed Invisalign have told that time flies away soon. Though the treatment may require anywhere from eight months to two years at the most, people get used to wearing the braces and they feel surprised at the time of removing them.


  1. Clear aligners are costly but they are worth the price – Orthodontic care seems to be costly and braces are not at all different in this regard. Though the treatment is somewhat expensive, wearing braces for teeth straightening will give you great results in the long run. You will feel extremely happy and your confidence level will improve after performing the treatment.


  1. There may be some setbacks after the treatment – Setbacks are said to be a natural part of life and your braces are no different. Your orthodontist might find something specific for your case after the treatment is complete and they can add some months to the length of time you are wearing your braces.


  1. Your bite is important like teeth straightening – Many people consider wearing braces as a way to straighten teeth. But the procedure is equally important for correcting your bite problems. Underbites are very important part just like the position of your teeth. This may add some time to the treatment and it is definitely worth it.
  1. Smoothies will now become your best friend – Smoothies are the best friend of people who wear braces during early months of your treatment. It would be a good decision to learn how you can prepare a tasty and nutrient rich smoothie by adding chocolate milkshake for proper measure.
  1. Your smile will be worth the investment – The discomfort and pain that you have to endure during the treatment will disappear when you take off your braces. There isn’t any better feeling than restoring your perfect smile and invisible braces will certainly give you something that will boost your confidence.

Thus, if you or someone you know wants to wear braces, contact London Braces to fix an appointment with the Invisalign providers. They are very much aware about braces and know how to treat your teeth problems as soon as possible.