Cool 5 Rules to Get Hot, Attractive Lean Body and a Flat Stomach

The larger the waist size is, the more you need to understand the need to get fit and cool. Since, it has been proved in studies that people with larger waist size are more prone to cardiac diseases, fatigue, indigestion gastric problems etc. that leads to temporary or permanent lack of sleep and may cause insomnia in the long run.

Following are some tips to get zero size and flat stomach with attractive lean body:

Rule 1:
Substitute diet soda, with pure water as per your daily requirement. For better results mix it with lemon and a bit of honey to make wonderful tasty lemonade.

Rule 2:
You may stay hungry for a while but don’t starve yourself anyway. It’s OK to stay a little bit hungry before you go to bed as it enhances your metabolism. To cope up with the hunger pangs, you may ask a doctor to recommend you the reasonable amount of potassium and calcium a few hours before you go to bed. Keep hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator handy and if you get really hungry, take one at night.

Rule 3:
Eat things in a decreasing quantity like larger quantity of vegetables than lesser fruits and ultimately smallest quantity of starch. It is mostly found in the form of carbohydrates and in bread. Flip the food pyramid upside down and take a lot of lean meats and healthy fats, since they help you retain the required amount of energy.

Rule 4:
Health foods are really not so very healthy for your health, so just ditch the excess in routine meals starches such as rice, potatoes, cereals, oats etc. They can be healthy in some ways but if you are aiming to get slim and get flat stomach then you need to stop taking them. Such eatables increase fat accumulation on the stomach area, so these should be taken on specific times only if you aiming at to get quick weight loss.

Rule 5:
Eat lots of roughage to strengthen the digestive system. Make raw vegetables an integral part of your dinner as it helps in fat burning. It definitely helps in retaining water content in the body which is very essential in keeping the body hydrated all the time.

ICE CREAMs – 15 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

Taking the name is enough for watering your mouth. But did you know the origin of ICE CREAMS and CONES, where and who had made them firstly. OK let us tell you all that……
You love ice creams…….

We all know it ……

It is the fact that all of us love (or loved once) the ice reams very much. Whether it is a children, mummy, daddy, grand ma, or grand father, uncle or any body we all love it in our family. You don’t forget to have a one for you when a trolley of ice creams vendor comes at your door steps in your colony or society.

In this way you can have your favorite flavor whenever you want.

But think of the ancient periods, the children present then. It is not easy to have ice creams for them when ever they want. Ice creams is out of reach for a common man at that time and is only enjoyed by the kings and royals and their family members present at that time.

The exciting information regarding the making of ice creams, some Indian recipes of ice creams and some facts related to them are coming soon on this blog, so join with us and enjoy the stories behind the ice creams of ancient times with us.


The 15 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors are
(Flavor, percent preferring)
1. Vanilla, 29%
2. Chocolate, 8.9%
3. Butter pecan, 5.3%
4. Strawberry, 5.3%
5. Neapolitan, 4.2%
6. Chocolate chip, 3.9%
7. French vanilla, 3.8%
8. Cookies and cream, 3.6%
9. Vanilla fudge ripple, 2.6%
10. Praline pecan, 1.7%
11. Cherry, 1.6%
12. Chocolate almond, 1.6%
13. Coffee, 1.6%
14. Rocky road, 1.5%
15. Chocolate marshmallow, 1.3%
All others, 23.7%