Find out how Sodalite can help in treating Anxiety

Sodalite is one of the most commonly used stones for anxiety relief. It enhances your intuition power and transforms negativity in your mind to positive and calm thoughts.

Sodalite balances your feelings and helps in easing the negative thoughts and panic attacks. It comes with great healing powers will melts guilt, fear, self-punishment and narrows down the gap between mind and heart. It helps in clarifying your mental confusions.

The stone is known to enhance your intuition and boost your thoughts to bring peace and harmony. It also helps in increasing your awareness, wiping out all false illusions from your mind and bringing emotional balance and inner peace.

Those who have suffered from anxiety know how guilt and fear can hazardously take over you at any time and lead to more negativity, frustrating thoughts and higher level of depression and anxiety. Sodalite balances all your emotions and helps you in feeling calmer and more peaceful. It also awakens your third eye to give you better consciousness helping you to go inside you and see yourself more clearly.

When you meditate with Sodalite, it helps in releasing anxiety and changes your perspective towards things around you.

So, how does Sodalite calm down anxiety?

Also known as “the stone of peace”, Sodalite can ease your anxiety and calm down your frayed nerves. As blue color calls for healing, it works as a strong psychological tool to calm your anxiety. Blue is called the color of the mind and is linked with peaceful nerves, positive thinking and enhanced concentration and thought procedure.

The crystal is said to have great healing properties and can protect you from electromagnetic stress and radiation. As Sodalite has calcium and manganese, the combination with great metaphysical advantages for your adrenal gland (the site known to release anxiety hormones).

Sodalite also affects the pituitary gland which is known to open your spiritual perceptions. It energizes the spirit part of the brain and releases all fear, tension and negativity from your mind and body. All in all, it helps in transforming into balanced and harmonized feelings.

All in all, it is evident that Sodalite for anxiety is an amazing healing crystal which helps you in getting positivity around you with strong calming properties. It soothes your mind and body and heals a disturbed and anxious soul. So, anyone can keep it around them for an anxiety-free life.