World’s top golf resorts for golf players

Do you want to play in some of the world’s top golf resorts? Here are the best golf resorts for golf players. Golf can be played by all ages and it is one of best recreational game to play. Since its evolution from Scotland during middle ages, still it is one of the most played games by all ages. Now golf is going to be part of 2016 Rio Olympics and you can imagine the demand for golf worldwide.

Pine Valley Golf Club: Located in the heart of Camden County in southern part of New Jersey, this golf club occupied the number one position in world’s top golf resorts list.  Established in the year 1913 by armature golf players from Philadelphia. It was designed by, Charles Hugh Alison, Harry Colt, George Arthur Crump, A. W. Tillinghast and Perry Maxwell.

Cypress Point Club: This private golf club is ranked second in the world. It is located in California region. It is famous for its series of three holes along the banks of Pacific Ocean. Cypress Point Club is designed by Alister Mackenzie who is a world famous golf designer.

Augusta National Golf Club: Established by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones near Augusta, Georgia on the sites of indigo plantation in 1933. It is also designed by Alister Mackenzie and Jones. It became famous after hosting Master Tournament.

Pebble Beach Golf Links: Famous for its beautiful location near Pebble Beach, in United States. Since its opening in 1919 Pebble Beach Golf Links hosted famous tournaments such as US. Open, AT&T Pebble Beach National, Nature Valley First Tee Open.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club: Got into the world famous National Register of Historic Places, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club ranks fifth in the world’s top golf course. It is designed by William Fynn, located in village of Shinnecock Hills near Southampton town, New York.

Oakmont Country Club: Located in Pittsburgh, Oakmont, Pennsylvania Oakmont Country club is the oldest golf course in the world. It is designed by golf course designer Henry Fownes. It is spread over 7,255 yards with 18 holes.

Merion Golf Club: Rated as one of the world’s great golf club, occupies the seventh place. It is located in Haverford Township, Philadelphia. It is also one of the oldest golf courses in the world. History of Merion Golf Club dates back to 1896 when Merion Cricket Club members founded this great golf club.

Bandon Dunes Golf Club: Located near the city of Bandon, United States, Bandon Dunes Golf Club was established in 1999, this amazing picturesque golf course is designed by David Mclay Kidd.

Pinehurst Country Club: With more holes than any other resort in the world, Pinehurst Country Club ranks ninth place in the world’s top country clubs. It is founded in 1894 near Sand hills, North Carolina region.

National Golf Links America:  Named as America’s snootiest golf course because of its location in the lap of the nature is a link-style golf course located in Southampton, New York. Founded in 1911 as private club and designed by Charles B. Macdonald.

Child Support and Family Law

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