Tiffany Engagement Ring

It is perhaps the secret dream of every woman to have a Tiffany ring adorn her finger. The Tiffany ring denotes the epitome of beauty and quality and is the engagement ring of choice for many.

Apart from the stamp of luxury and the exquisite touch of class, the Tiffany engagement ring comes at a price that can be afforded by the selected few. Tiffany engagement ring denotes a special occasion for the couple and stands to represent memories for a life time.

Understandably, to create an ever-lasting impression, a Tiffany ring is the favourite choice. A Tiffany ring passes rigorous quality tests, wherein the diamonds are classified into grades based on their clarity and colour. These diamonds are not independently graded by outsiders.

While it is true that it possible to purchase diamond rings as beautiful and elegant as a Tiffany engagement ring, at a cheaper price, Tiffany enjoys the luxury of being a brand leader.

It is based on this name and intangible value that Tiffany is able to command a price much higher that its peers. A Tiffany engagement ring sets itself apart from other diamond rings by virtue of its brand name, rich history and impressive legacy.

Of course, it helps that the tradition of beauty, craftsmanship and quality is diligently followed, but the truth remains that a Tiffany ring bears an undeniable image of luxury and class, which cannot be duplicated by other diamond rings in the market.

Apart from the beauty of the diamond, when a woman sees a Tiffany engagement ring, she is convinced about the seriousness and the commitment level of her partner. The Tiffany ring also signifies how much her partner values her, how precious she is to him and how he would always offer her the best that he can in life.

Author bio: Kobi Kamhaji is a diamond expert who advices on diamond business and investing. Check more about him here.