Mammograms: What You Need to Know Prior to an Appointment

A mammogram is a screening procedure that determines the presence of cancerous cells on the breasts.

For those who are susceptible to developing breast cancer, mammograms are considered imperative.

How to prepare

  • Go to a facility that specializes in mammograms and performs many mammograms a day.
  • As much as possible, go to the same facility each time so that the results can be easily compared by the radiologists.
  • If it’s your first time going to a facility, bring your list of the places and dates of mammograms and/or other breast treatments you have had.
  • If you had your previous mammogram done at another clinic, ask them to provide you with a copy of the result and bring that with you on your visit. This way, it’s going to be a lot easier for the new facility to compare the old result with the new one.
  • Prior to your mammogram, make sure that your breasts are not tender or swollen so that the radiologist can get better pictures. Avoid having a mammogram a week before your menstrual cycle.
  • Make sure not to wear any deodorant or antiperspirant during the examination. Most of these products contain a substance that may possibly appear on the x-ray as white spots.
  • For your convenience, avoid wearing a dress. Skirt or pants would be preferable so that you only have to remove your top during the exam.
  • Prior to the exam, talk to your healthcare provider about any new findings or abnormalities on your breasts.
  • Lastly, don’t be scared of mammograms. Keep in mind that out of 1,000 screening mammograms, only two to four results are found to have shown breast cancer.

Other tips to keep in mind

Here are some essential tips to help you get better X-ray results:

  • Inform the technologist performing the mammogram for any breast changes or abnormalities you have observed. In addition, don’t forget to mention about your medical history (anything that you believe can affect your risk of developing breast cancer). This can include hormone use, family history of breast cancer, previous surgery, or history of breast cancer.
  • Make sure to tell the radiologist if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding prior to getting any forms of imaging test.

What to expect

  • The technologist will instruct you to remove your shirt. You will be given a wrap you can wear.
  • The technologist will position your breasts for the mammogram.
  • Your breasts will be flattened in order for the technologist to get a high-quality image. Your breasts will be placed on the machine’s plate. The plastic upper plate will be lowered in order to compress the breasts for seconds while an image is taken.
  • Mammograms usually take about 20 minutes.
  • In some instances, you might feel a little discomfort while your breasts are compressed. You can tell the technologist if it hurts.
  • Two views of each breast will be needed for screening. However, women with large breasts or with breast implants may probably need more than two.

How to get your mammogram results

If you don’t receive any feedbacks regarding your mammogram results within 10 days, do not assume anything about the results. Call the clinic to make sure there’s nothing for you to worry about.

A full report of your mammogram result will be delivered to your doctor. Furthermore, mammography facilities often also provide their patients an easy-to-understand summary of the results within 30 days.

Results should be delivered as soon as possible when they show the presence of cancerous cells. That said, it’s possible to already receive the results even before your doctor gives you a call.

Why do you need a best dermatologist?

Your skin is exposed to harsh climate regularly. Thus, one needs to give it some proper care. Ailments such as sunburn, acne, skin disease, blemishes and skin cancer are some of the diseases where you need the help of a professional dermatologist.

Yes, these professionals have the ability to enhance your person by giving you a perfect skin. The gauge the reason behind the skin, hair and nail diseases and prescribe suitable treatments for it.

Your hair, skin or nails often need to be acutely understood to treat the ailments. Thus, dermatologists recognize the symptoms and signs of the skin problem and prescribe skin treatment medications, anti-allergens, surgeries, lifestyle remedies and conservative treatment.

Skin allergy needs quick attention and if you’ve been facing this issue from a long time, then you shouldn’t ignore it anymore. With, you can find out all about your skin disease diagnosis and its treatment. Get to know about the best medical health care centers and doctors of skin problem globally and choose the one which matches your preference. The online portal is your one stop solution to find out the expenses, recovery time and more.

The site has the list of the best hospitals of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. You can easily check out the services and amenities offered by the hospitals for the patients. Only the top notch hospitals are listed here. So, if you’re suffering from a skin disease, then find a suitable hospital on Booking Health.

Adult Braces

Yes, adults do get braces.  Braces are not just for children any longer.  In fact, being an adult and having braces is all the rage today.  If you have teeth that are misaligned, they can cause other problems than just having an embarrassing smile.

They can lead to an increased risk of cavities, receding gums, having problems in maintaining basic dental care, etc are just some of the problems misaligned teeth can cause.  If you visit your dentist Pacific Pines and he tells you have malocclusion, which is the scientific term for misaligned teeth, you should consider adult braces.

At braces Gold Coast, there are many different options that you can choose from, which include:

  • Metal braces—in times past, these were the only choice you had if you needed braces as a child or teenager. When wearing metal braces they are very visible in your oral cavity.  They are traditionally the most affordable set of braces.  Most adults shy away from metal braces, especially if they deal with the public, as they do not want the customer to see a mouth full of metal braces.
  • Braces that have colored brackets—if you want to show your “wild side “ then these are the braces for you. If you do not want the dull in color, gray-green ligating modules on the brackets then opt for colored brackets.  They come in a variety of colors such as fluorescent green, red, and orange.  With these wild colored brackets you will have a reason to smile even wearing metal braces.  With successive sittings you can also get the brackets changed to give you a variety of colors.
  • Ceramic bracket braces—these are an affordable option when needing braces. The brackets are composed of composite materials that are tooth-colored so they blend in and are not as noticeable as regular metal braces.  Because they are made of a material that is sensitive you will need to be very careful to avoid staining the brackets because of the  intake of cold drinks, coffee, or tea, and excessive smoking.
  • Lingual braces—these are great for those who have to work with the public like hostesses, receptionists, etc. The braces are placed on the inner, instead of the outer, surfaces of your teeth so they are not seen.  You do need to take extra care to make sure that you are maintaining very good oral hygiene so you do not end up with a lot of cavities.
  • Invisalign braces—with these types of braces they are done using clear, plastic, removable aligners. They are worn for two to three weeks and then are replaced with a little tighter set of aligners.  You can removed for cleaning and eating.

Enhance Your Practice With Yoga Jewelry

The practice of yoga has continued to grow in popularity; this is different from the days when it was specifically linked to Easter religions. Today yoga has broadened its influence and audience and is practiced by all manner of people from different parts of the world. The practice of yoga is associated with the provision of spiritual, mental and physical benefits during the practice. There are different forms of yoga jewelry that are made for males and females and they can be elaborate or simple all depending on the desire and taste of the user.

While yoga jewelry is not extremely essential for those who practice, it is normally utilized in order to enhance a person’s focus and motivation to yoga. Since yoga jewelry continues to evolve and become more common, you are likely to come across items that are more attractive and they can help to inspire positive feelings to the person wearing them. There is a wide array of yoga jewelry items that are available specifically for the practice of yoga; they include items like chakra necklaces, Om namaa bangles, Om mane padme bangles, Om yoga jewelry, chakra jewelry and Om mane padme rings. The jewelry can be made to include birthstones or other high-quality gemstones, pendants, bracelets and key rings.

Yoga jewelry and accessories can be quite beautiful and fashionable; this is one other reason they are becoming quite popular even among people who don’t practice or even appreciate yoga. You may have seen people wearing yoga pants in the parks, mall or the stores because they feel that they are comfortable, stylish and they come in different styles. This is the same case with yoga tops that may be long sleeved shirts, tanks, tees and many others. These tops come in different designs and writings that are basically related to yoga. Most of them are sayings that promote the teachings of yoga or they are indicative of the disciplines Hindu or Indian origin. Yoga jewelry is almost always designed based on the Indian or Hindu heritage of the practice of yoga.

A good example of yoga jewelry design that is quite popular is one that is based on Shiva, an important Hindu deity; Shiva, according to Hinduism is represented by a crescent moon on his head. This is why you will see many Shiva moon necklaces that contain charms bearing the crescent moon design. This is only one example of different designs of yoga jewelry; there are many others that include necklaces, anklets, and bracelets that have some type of beads on them in addition to matching earrings. You can find very high-quality yoga jewelry in terms of necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry items all of which are hand-made using natural materials.

When To Choose Dental Implants

Those of us who are older may probably remember the days of the ‘Colgate smile’ that was popular and sought after and was made popular by celebrities in the 1950s and 1960s; thanks to the Colgate’s advertisement budget. The truth of the matter is that most people don’t have that ‘Colgate Smile’ because whenever they do you will realize that they are missing some teeth. This is the reason most people choose dental implants for cosmetic purposes; this is normally advised by dentists who recommend dental implants to try and rectify several dental problems such as crowns and bridges.

There are people who are plagued with hereditary dental problems or some desire to have a perfect smile who may require full upper and lower jaw dentures; no matter what the reasons are, he world today is full of choices and dental implants are one such great chose you can make. Even though dental implants have been around for quite a while now, they started becoming more common in the 1980s. As time has progressed there has been a development of better methods and newer materials that have continued to make the choice of dental implants a very viable choice for just about anyone who needs it.

There are different types of dental implants the serve various different needs. Dental implants are made using different types of materials all of which are compatible with the human body but titanium is the choice material. When they get inserted into a patient’s jaw, they are able to fuse with the bone so that the implanted tooth becomes very stable and permanent. This is especially important especially if someone requires a full set of dentures since the dental implants have to be constructed at the mouth in a way that they will be able to snap securely into place without any hint of pain or discomfort.

There are a number of benefits associated with dental implants. For instance, when a person loses a tooth and they don’t replace it, over the course of time there is going to be a bone loss in that part of the jaw where the tooth was original. Ask anyone who has worn dentures for a long time and they will tell you about the awkward feeling they have whenever the denture slips and hinders them from eating or talking in the normal way. Dental implants can easily rectify such situations and give a person the self-esteem they had once lost. People who wear dental implants confess that after having them for a short while, they end up feeling just like they have normal teeth.

Vegan Protein Cookies Makes Your Day Without Affecting Your Diet

Well, usually people give up the consumption of animal products basically to improve their health and vegan confectioneries adopt this idea for an ethical and better environment. Generally saying, vegan variety of non-vegan cookies merely replaces animal fat (egg and butter) with a significant amount of vegan sweeteners and plant derived oil which enhances the overall nutrition.

On an average each consumption of 1-2 cookies adds around 100 calories to your body. This demands a lower intake of carbohydrates and a higher consumption of proteins. Thus, at this point, the vegan protein cookies come to your rescue. The biscuits are delicious in taste and do not add any extra layer of fat to you. Vegans do have an idea the getting an adequate amount of protein and fewer condensed fats which help in the prevention of several diseases.

While you’re travelling or simply watching a movie, munching cookies is the best thing to do. However, if these cookies are rich in proteins and mineral, they will genuinely add to your health. You can easily get these cookies online, by placing an order. Check out the reviews of the purchasers before placing your order and once you’re sure about the ingredients of the cookies, you can easily order the same. There are different flavors and textures. You can choose them as per your taste and preference.

You can even search for the recipe of the cookies online and easily make them at your home. The recipe is easy to follow and is available in different flavors. Enriched with so many health benefits and highly delicious in taste, who wouldn’t want to include vegan protein cookies in their diet as snacks. Find your flavor now and place the order. You will certainly love every bite of it. Share it with your friends and family and enjoy your time together.

App Helps Simplify Patient & Doctor Communication

This is an app that is likely to change the way patients interact with their doctors and to make life much easier for patients who need to regularly see their doctors to get readings of their vital signs. MEDTALKCOMPANION sends vital signs information to the doctor and provides a virtual doctor-patient consultation which means a patient is able to keep a doctors appointment while at home or even while travelling which means having a disease like diabetes which needs constant checking of blood glucose level and other vital signs will not prevent a patient from carrying on with their life or going away on vacation.

Some of the features of this App include:

– Virtual doctors office visit with voice interaction

– Takes readings of vital signs and relays them to the doctor

– Provides measurements and alarms

– Bluetooth connection to sensors

– Stores medical test history records

At the moment, the App is in prototype stage which is why the makers are using the crowd-funding website Indiegogo to try and get $25,000 in funding pledges so that they can carry on with the development of an even more advanced App with better features.

This App is the result of 8 years of research and experience by leading wireless technicians working closely with Dr. Steven Steinhubl and Dr. Eric Topel who are leading wireless healthcare researchers at Scripps Translational Science Institute.

So far the prototype can provide information about Blood oxygen, glucose levels, blood pressure, cardio and medication adherence which can all be used by doctors as well as health insurers. The app will save a lot of time and money on health care since it will enable doctors take note of possible complications in a patient’s health and be able to attend to them before it escalates. For example, a person with diabetes can be called in once the doctor notices the blood glucose level setting off the alarm at a particular level.

However, the MEDTALKCOMPANION app still needs more support on indiegogo to be funded and approved by the FDA. Support them today by visting:

Knowing About The Health Aspects of Sprout

Among the greatest super-food products hitting the planet lately needs to be growing seed products, or growing shoots. These are seed products which have only shoot, within 2-4 times of germinating, where all the supposed flavour and goodness continue to be at high and intense levels.

Many top London restaurants have began serving the sprouted seed products as starters or alongside a main course, as they are not only viewed as being trendy and also the latest “fad” but they’re extremely tasty, in addition to pound-for-pound probably the most healthy food that you could eat.

Probably the most appealing reasons for growing seed products are that they are extremely simple to grow. Everybody appears to become growing their very own fruit and veggies at this time, but sprouted seed products are extremely much simpler to develop since it is literally only the first couple of times of the seed germinating, so you just need the seed to possess some moisture and lightweight and it’ll grow. You will need to eat within 4 days and you may just eat them raw as cooking them will destroy most of the valuable enzymes which are contained in the seed products.

Among the healthiest meals open to eat, the cost of purchasing and growing seed products is really refreshingly low. It may seem like a super fruit they’d command an extortionate cost, but fortunately the cost of most of the seed products are extremely low and they may be grown effortlessly with low tech equipment. Certainly worth giving a try if you wish to locate an alternative, healthy desserts to consume. As pound for pound probably the healthiest food open to consume, growing seed products are certainly worth looking into.

Hydroponics is a straightforward approach to growing plants without soil. It will help save gardening space, is less costly and it is highly advantageous in lots of ways. Hydroponics method helps grow bigger yields, requires less space and it is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Indoor gardening can be done with the aid of hydroponics. You could have full control around the temperature, humidity, plant diet and climate of the hydroponics garden. For those who have fundamental knowledge of gardening you are able to effectively construct your personal hydroponics garden!

Wheat grass is really a healthy plant that can provide you with many health advantages. It’s not necessary to visit the market or area and waste your time and effort any longer to gather wheat grass which might be juicy or of excellent quality. With hydroponics you are able to plant your personal healthy wheat garden. Hydroponics may be the cleanest approach to produce wheat grass. Using the precise nutrition and water give you can effectively grow wheat inside your hydroponics garden. The fast cultivation of wheat grass with the aid of hydroponics will take your breath away!

You are able to grow wheat grass inside with the aid of hydroponics anytime of the season so that as frequently as you want. To construct an easy and fundamental hydroponic wheat grass garden all you need to do is stick to the fundamental hydroponics gardening steps: (1) much like traditional gardening you need to start hydroponics wheat grass gardening by buying seed products from the local dealer. (2) Put the seed products evenly within the tray in this manner it covers the whole floor from the tray. (3) Submerge the seed products in water the midway. Note, the tray is not full with water. (4) You can now cover the tray either with second tray or any plastic cover, because seed products need no light initially but ensure that you don’t seal the tray because seed products need air. (5) Water your hydroponics wheat grass every single day with the aid of bottle of spray and once you discover your plants have started growing lightly pour enough water progressively as the plants grow bigger.

Besides this straightforward homemade wheat grass technique, you can buy hydroponic wheat growing package out of your local hydroponics shop. This wheat growing package will include all components you have to increase your hydroponics wheat effectively. By having an initial little investment you could have your personal tray of fresh healthy wheat grass. Be extra careful while selecting your hydroponic wheat package because not every trays guarantee quality or good excellence of the hydroponic wheat grass!

Presenting slow press and cold-press juicing, perhaps the easiest way of removing juice from fruit and veggies recognized to guy. This kind of juicer will invariably outshine an ordinary high-speed juicer. The slow press method utilized is a lot more efficient than simply shredding fruit and veggies having a high-speed shredding disc.

Slow press juicers can draw less than 150 w of one’s in most cases spin in a very stately 80 revolutions per minutes (Revolutions per minute). This revolutionary cold-pressed technology will rapidly extract all the best vital nutrition and minerals to supply the very best and much healthy juice you have ever consumed.

Should you consider it, getting dehydrated food isn’t brain surgery. Most dehydrators possess a temperature thermostat to keep the preferred temperature along with a fan to flow fresh dry air. I highly recommend remaining from any dehydrator that doesn’t include an admirer and thermostat. Simply because they all keep up with the temperature and ventilation, almost all types of dehydrator take comparable time for you to dry exactly the same food. So when you’re looking for a dehydrator, it’s not really appropriate to look for one which states dry meals quicker than another. But you will find other important things to consider when determining which dehydrator to purchase. The 4 important aspects when determining what dehydrator to purchase are:

  1.   Warmth and Ventilation
  2.   Access
  3.   Flexibility
  4.   Materials & Quality


Los beneficios de la pérdida de peso con Garcinia Cambogia

Ha habido mucha conmoción en la web alrededor de Garcinia Cambogia y de qué manera funciona este producto para ayudarle a perder peso rápidamente, pero una cosa que rara vez se destaca es la mejor manera de tomar este suplemento. El resultado que se logra con la ayuda de la garcinia cambogia, o cualquier otro producto, depende no sólo el estándar, pero además, es importante consumirlo de la manera correcta.

¿Qué es exactamente la Garcinia Cambogia?

Este es un producto de pérdida de peso natural que se produce de la cáscara de la fruta de Tamarindo, se parece un poco a una calabaza y es una fruta que se cultiva en ciertas partes del sudeste asiático. Lo que es particularmente interesante acerca de este extracto es que no es un potenciador del metabolismo, y por eso no se sufren las reacciones adversas normales que probablemente será que con la mayoría de los productos para perder peso. Cuando se trata de productos de buena calidad, particularmente, las reacciones adversas son definitivamente una rareza, como declara diariamente miles de personas a través de las muchas evaluaciones disponibles en Internet.

¿Cómo exactamente funciona?

La verdadera clave de exactamente cómo funciona este producto es que es en realidad un suplemento de doble acción. Esto significa que realmente funciona como un supresor del apetito, y controla las emociones alrededor de este. También sube los niveles de energía es otra recompensa del mencionado proceso de la quema de grasa, que también es útil desde una perspectiva de pérdida de peso.

Una buena razón por qué la garcinia cambogia es tan bien recibida es el hecho de que, en comparación con muchos otros productos de la dieta en el mercado, no depende de impulsar sus procesos metabólicos para lograr resultados.

Garcinia Cambogia dosificación consejos

Cuando tomes la garcinia cambogia intenta recordar a hacerlo antes de comer, como ocurre con cualquier supresor del hambre. Para un óptimo resultado, toma mucho agua e ingiere los comprimidos al menos una hora antes de comer. Como resultado, serás capaz de cosechar los beneficios de los efectos de este suplemento que controla el apetito.

La dosis generalmente recomendada es en cualquier lugar entre 300mg – 500mg por día. Una cantidad que se cree es aceptada por los expertos de salud, suficiente para encontrar los efectos buscados. La dosificación exacta va a cambiar en base a la marca en particular.

Aquellas personas que son especialmente propensas a efectos secundarios no deseados de cualquier suplemento pueden elegir comenzar con 1 cápsula en lugar de dos. Sin embargo, en su mayor parte, garcinia cambogia prácticamente no tiene efectos secundarios con respecto a los individuos sanos y en forma general.

Compra de Garcinia Cambogia

Para protegerse de tirar tu dinero en productos de baja calidad que tienen cantidades insuficientes del componente activo HCA, que selecciones el producto de mayor calidad. Por esa razón, muchas personas han escogido comprar estos suplementos en Internet donde pueden obtener una garantía de devolución de dinero en la calidad de los ingredientes. Con la compra de un producto de alta calidad, además estar seguro de tomarlo antes de comer, no tendrás ningún problema de deshacerse de las proyectadas 10 libras o más cada mes. Esto es posible sin la necesidad de un esfuerzo adicional de tu parte en cuanto a dieta y ejercicio.

Los cigarrillos electrónicos son menos dañinos que los de tabaco

Los científicos aseguran que remplazar los cigarrillos convencionales por la variante electrónica podría reducir las muertes relacionadas con el acto de fumar aunque los efectos a largo plazo se desconocen.

De acuerdo a estudios recientes, los investigadores sugieren que los cigarrillos electrónicos deberían ser regulados menos estrictamente que los de tabaco. Sin embargo, estos mismos expertos advierten que alentar su uso sin evidencia robusta es algo irresponsable.

Menos toxinas

La Organización Mundial de la Salud junto con autoridades nacionales están considerando políticas restrictivas para las ventas, promoción y uso de este tipo de productos.

Un equipo internacional examinó casi 100 estudios, analizando puntualmente: seguridad en su uso, químicos presentes en líquidos y vapores, y uso entre fumadores y no fumadores.

Los científicos afirman que el riesgo para usuarios y fumadores pasivos es mucho menor que aquél atribuido al cigarrillo de tabaco, pero advierten que los efectos sobre personas con condiciones respiratorias aún no han sido del todo estudiados.

Además, aseguran que los cigarrillos electrónicos tienen algunas de las toxinas que se observan en los de tabaco, pero a niveles mucho menores.

Ayuda para dejar de fumar tabaco

Los investigadores también hicieron hincapié en estudios en los cuáles se trataba de establecer cuáles eran las técnicas más efectivas para dejar de fumar cigarrillos de tabaco. La evidencia sugiere que los cigarrillos electrónicos son una gran alternativa a la hora de combatir la adicción por los cigarrillos tradicionales.

Se afirma que si bien el uso de cigarrillos electrónicos no es algo completamente exento de riesgos, está más que claro que dichos potenciales peligros son considerablemente menores a largo plazo que si la persona continuara fumando tabaco. También está comprobado que las recaídas son mucho menores cuando se usa el cigarrillo electrónico como medida para dejar de fumar en comparación a otras técnicas.