Five adorable used cars from the 80s

Sports car specialist “Curated” is offering five exclusive classics for sale. In addition to three Lamborghini models, there is also a Mercedes and a Lotus.

The Curated dealership in Miami has set itself the task of exclusively “offering very special vehicles for sale”, as it says on the website. This full-bodied promise could hardly be better kept than with the introduction of the Time Capsule Collection, which adds five exciting vehicles to the salerooms, all of which date from the 1980s.

Run 800 kilometers

It is a collection that the owner is now selling through the specialist dealer. The name “Time Capsule” refers to the condition of the Traverse city used cars, because the majority of them have a mileage far below the 10,000 mark and were safely kept in specially air-conditioned rooms for the rest of their lives. The Lotus Esprit X180R covered the fewest kilometers in this illustrious lap – just 800 (!) Are on the clock. Only 20 copies of this model exist worldwide. It was built as a roadworthy homologation model to enable Lotus to participate in the IMSA Supercar Championship. Accordingly, the built-in roll cage was available from the factory.

The British sports car was sold in this configuration in North America, based on the Esprit SE. The X180R offered here has a supercharged 2.2-liter in-line four-cylinder with 340 hp, manual gear shifter and rear-wheel drive. Everything packed in a lightweight body without noise insulation. At the same time, this racing-oriented version is the first Esprit ever with an ABS system. The X180R was designed by Peter Stevens, who also put the McLaren F1 on paper. The 1991 Esprit from the Time Capsule Collection is basically a new car and should now cost 115,000 euros – 15,000 more than at the dealer’s at the time.

Formerly the fastest off-road vehicle in the world

The Lamborghini LM002 America, which Curated also sold , had a little more road contact. In order to look good in this monster of a pickup, you have to be a special type of person – the copy offered shines in “Bianco Perlato”, combined with a bright red interior. “Shine” is really the right term, because after only 1,900 kilometers driven there is not a hint of a patina. The first high-performance pickup in the world was built 60 times, 48 ​​of which were “American” versions. The 5.2-liter V12 from the Lamborghini Countach lurks in the bow and pushes the LM002 to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds.

450 HP and 500 Newton meters are permanently distributed over all four wheels. There is also a manually lockable central differential. After its official presentation in 1987, auto motor und sport referred to the LM002 as a “coarse and barbarically designed desert limousine”. On the other hand, with a top speed of 223 km / h, it was the fastest off-road vehicle in the world for a long time. This performance is paid for at the petrol station – the all-terrain Lambo consumes up to 50 liters per 100 kilometers.

If you prefer to have the thirsty V12 in a conventional place, you can also prefer the Countach from the Time Capsule Collection. With a mileage of 4,200 kilometers, the Italian super sports car is practically a newcomer to asphalt. The 25th anniversary model from 1989 is even on offer. This differs from the standard Countach in that the air supply for the rear brakes is integrated into the sill, an automatic air conditioning system, a newly modeled front spoiler and revised rear lights. The visual adjustments were made by Horacio Pagani.

The Lamborghini underdog

Another, less popular Lamborghini can also be found among the time capsule models. It’s a jalpa from 1988 with 5,150 kilometers run. The Silhouette successor was first presented in 1981 at the Geneva Motor Show. The Targa Coupé was intended as an entry-level model below the Countach to increase the number of Lamborghini customers. Giulio Alfieri led the development after he had launched the similarly designed Maserati Merak. The 3.5-liter V8 with its 255 hp is a further development of the Urraco machine. But because the Jalpa with its steel body weighs in at an impressive 1,500 kilos, the driving dynamics are limited. Of course, that doesn’t change anything about its chic look. Especially since this car on offer also drives up in a new car condition.

Of all five Time Capsule members, one of them has a significantly higher mileage – it is the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG from 1986. The six-liter has already traveled a total of 43,400 kilometers, but you can’t tell by looking at it. Black rims, black paint and black grill – the large coupé is an eye-catcher. The AMG body kit does the rest.

Otherwise, the sports model also differs from the production model in terms of performance. At AMG, the 5.6-liter V8 was drilled out. 385 instead of 300 hp and six instead of 5.6 liters displacement were the result. This potent highlight of the Time Capsule Collection could be yours for 276,800 euros. The other prices are available on request, the journey through time to the 1980s is included for free.

Every decade has its icons – in view of these Time Capsule gems, you can’t blame anyone for mourning past times. It’s good that you can bring a piece of history back to life with used cars in a traverse city. Even if that has its price in this case.