Some exercises to increase penis size

Some men have this thinking that the bigger your penis, the more exciting your sexual life would be. The reality is women want their men to have longer and thicker penis for better satisfaction.

So, how can you increase your penis size? Well there are several methods for it, and penis stretching is one of them. But, is it really possible to increase your penis size without any surgery?

Well the article below shall help you.

Here are some exercises for your penis:

  1. Massage exercises

In this exercise, you should lubricate your penis and massage it gently. The exercise stretches your penis skin and help in the enlargement of your penis. You need to do this on a regular basis to get faster results.

  1. Penis pump exercise

A stretching device is attached to your penis to create instant erection. This is usually recommended for men dealing with erectile dysfunction.   Just apply lubricant on your penis and place the tube on it. Switch it on and it will take some time for the erection. It will cause instant ejaculation and eventually lead to penis enlargement.

  1. Jelqing exercise

It is a common men exercise. It causes thickening of the penis. For best results, you should do it once daily. It also increases erection and boosts your sex life. Just put both your hands on the penis and move it top to bottom. Do it several times till erection takes place

  1. Stretching exercise

It is like milking a cow. It is a great exercise which helps in yielding quicker results. It is somewhat like jelqing exercise but it only involves your thumb and index finger.

Just use your index finger and thumb and rub over your penis from top to bottom and vice versa. Do it at least for half an hour. (Remember: It is not masturbation)

If your penis gets erected then allow it to relax and then start again. Do this daily for half an hour to get best results.

  1. Kegel exercise

This is majorly recommended for better sexual intercourse. It is a massaging exercise where you need to use your hand to massage your penis before sex.  It increases your penis size and thickness. Just hold the penis in one hand and rub it. Once erected, start with the intercourse!

Apart from these remedies, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and really short penis, then you should come to Dream Penis Guide for instant help.