What are the Common Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety?

Debilitating stress and anxiety have a profound impact on the body system as it can destabilize the normal functioning of a person and can terribly interfere with their daily chores.


Few common signs and symptoms of the stress and anxiety condition are listed herein:

  1. Inadequate sleep even with a favorable ambiance. Restlessness, aches, digestive problems, depression, etc can deprive one of proper sleep.
  2. Debilitating pain at various body locations for no apparent reason, tactile allodynia, muscles, head, and joint aches; jaw, abdominal and eye pain and lymph nodes become tender
  3. Temporary loss of memory and difficulty in retaining information in mind. Finding it difficult to concentrate is also seen along with it
  4. Cognitive functioning disorders can be termed as brain fogging which retards the comprehension, reasoning, and retention capabilities of the brain. The speech gets impaired, it gets tough to fetch the right words and one is unable to keep track of events
  5. Psychological signs of chronic fatigue syndrome manifest themselves in the form of anxiousness, depressive mood, frequent mood swings, panic attack, petulance, personality alterations
  6. Impairment of the body’s immune system and the resultant ineffectiveness of the body to fight the onslaught of health attacks. Soreness of throat, allergic reaction to foods or drugs, pain in muscles and joints, mild fever equal to or less than 101 F, persistent headaches are all signs of chronic fatigue disease.
  7. The body temperature may dip to below average, the body will grow intolerant to alcohol, heat and cold; the body may gain or lose weight without any apparent change in the diet
  8. Episodes pertaining to hot flashes or drenching sweat which apparently is not linked to menopause
  9. Remarkable alterations in blood pressure and heart palpitation rate which results in debilitating weakness, nauseating feeling, dizziness, pallor, breathing or swallowing problems, etc.
  10. Irregularities in breathing, Hypersensitivity to tactile stimulations and burning sensations

The aforesaid problems generally accompany the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome and are sure shot signs of chronic stress that should be taken into account seriously.

Consuming healthy foods, doing regular exercises along with a havening technique for anxiety and stress is presently one of the best natural ways to fight chronic stress problems.

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