Modern Corsets Vs Traditional Corsets

You can trace the history of the corset from over 400 years ago. The corset was considered as one of the best tricks to get the desired hourglass shape. Might it be confusing for you to choose from a traditional corset or a modern corset? Back in 1600, the corset came into existence and became very popular for over a decade. Now, in the 20th century, the lace-up back corset is taking the craze of the corset. This is because modern fabrics, styles, and machines have changed things completely for corsets. You cannot deny the fact that these contemporary textiles and materials have paved a decent way in the popularity of these corsets. When these textiles become popular, the strays and girdles also become popular.

Back in those days, traditional corsets became an occasional garment rather than a regular daily fit garment. There are lots of modern corsets available in the market, which are known for their compression, comfort, shapewear, and style. There are many types of corsets available in the market like an underbust corset, overbust corset, cinchers, Plus Size Corsets, waist training corset, and many more. Corsets can be worn by anyone, having any body shape. It is not compulsory that you should only wear a corset to be in shape; it is also worn because it is matching up with your accessories and dress. There are lots of reasons available to wear a corset.

Corsets are worn by women to achieve the perfect hourglass shape that they desire. Corsets help women be in shape, maintain correct posture, and give that stunning figure. Modern corsets are lightweight when compared to traditional corsets. They are a sort of lingerie that gives a stunning appearance. There are advantages and disadvantages of both traditional and modern corsets.

Gone are the days when corsets were just worn to provide a stunning appearance to the overall look, now corsets act more than that. Not only are corsets used as a waist trainer, but also to maintain the fat balance on your waist and chest area and support your back. Modern corsets are now becoming dresses because of their elegance, look, and appearance. There are lots of things you might be curious to know about in the modern corset vs traditional corset. This article will cover most of your questions. In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of traditional and modern corsets and some of the differences in how traditional corset has evolved into the modern corset.

Pros and cons for a modern and traditional corset

Pros of Modern Corsets

Here are some of the plus points of buying a modern corset.

  • A modern corset can also work as outerwear. You can team this up with beautiful accessories and done. Modern corsets are designed so that they are not less than dresses nowadays.
  • A corset is a sort of Lingerie that gives you an all-around perfect figure. Corsets are known for their ability to give the perfect hourglass shape to women.
  • Modern corsets are known for their ability to improve body posture straight away. Their support of your back uplifts your waist gives you perfect hourglass shape and ultimately provides you with an improved posture.
  • Corsets are also used as waist trainers nowadays. You cannot deny that corsets prove useful in reducing waist plus, it gives bust support also.
  • You can adjust the corset on your own. That is, corsets are fully adjustable, which allows you to adjust them on your own according to your needs. You can release the tension, increase the pressure according to your comfort level, and focus on a particular body part like the hips, waist, and bust area independently.
  • The Comfort level of these modern corsets is at zenith. These are designed only to keep the comfort thing in mind.
  • If you do not want to let others know about your corset, these modern corsets can function well inside any cloth also.

Cons of Modern Corsets

Here are some of the cons of modern corsets over the traditional corset.

  • Modern corsets are damn very costly when compared to traditional corsets.
  • There is no need to dry clean, classic corsets. You can easily wash them with other clothes. But this isn’t the same with modern corsets. You can only dry clean them and cannot wash them with other garments. This completely indicates that their maintenance cost is high, making modern corsets more expensive.
  • You have a waist for over a week to get comfortable in modern corsets. There is a probability that you can even lose your appetite within the duration of the first week. Modern corsets grab your waist so tightly that it may also lead to a breakage of ribs.
  • Modern corsets cannot be used in the gym. The reason behind this is that modern corsets are designed while keeping style in mind. You will feel awkward wearing them in the gym.
  • Modern corsets can only be worn under tight-fitting dresses. There are some conditions, rules, and regulations associated with modern corsets.
  • In modern corsets, if you are sweating, or keeping it wet, the corset’s metal can easily be rusted.

The need for Wearing a Corset

There are significant advantages associated with wearing a corset. Here are some of them listed.

  • Wearing a corset improves body posture.
  • Corsets give you confidence and boost up your self-esteem.
  • Corsets are known for their ability to relieve back pain by improving the spinal position.
  • Tight-fitting corsets are also used to treat migraines and headaches.
  • Wearing a corset also works a tight pushup bra, that is supporting your boobs.
  • Corsets are known for their ability to reduce weight instantly. If you continue wearing a corset, you can reduce your weight permanently.
  • Wearing corsets helps you to overcome the habit of overeating.
  • Some studies also show that wearing a corset also helps in fighting against anxiety and disorder.

Now, let us jump to some of the major differences between Modern Corset VS Traditional Corset.

Modern Corset VS Traditional Corset

As mentioned above, corsets are in use for over the last four centuries. Corsets have evolved their style, their structure, and their necessary foundation. Let us look at some of the differences between modern corsets and traditional corsets.

1. Difference in boning

Boning is the term used for defining the structure of the corset. In traditional corsets, the structure was made up of Baleen. Baleen was a soft, stiffened, and flexible material that is made from whalebone. It is extracted from the upper jaws of baleen whales that used to plankton near the shore. It is not actually the bone, but the keratinous material which is soft but strong. In the modern-day generation, the boning of corsets is structured from steel which gives proper strength to the body and is sturdy.

In traditional corsets, when the boning was stretched tightly, it may break down. To avoid this condition, Baleen was replaced by spiral steel in the running century, which gives the corset its desired strength. Although the boning of traditional corsets is quite strong, there is a danger of breaking the Baleen and causing bodily harm after persistent use. Corsets from the beginning are made to give proper shape and enhance the structure of the hips. But with the change in time, the structure of boning has changed.

2. Back Support

Traditional corsets are generally not made to give back support. On the other hand, traditional corsets are more aesthetically pleasing to back brace. They are designed so beautifully that they give the best support to the back, which is missing in the traditional corset. Modern corsets are also used to relieve back pain, keep the spine at its desired location, and support the lower form from injuries. It not only makes you look good but also helps you from the back.

The traditional corset had a back brace which generally gives you side support from ribs. That used to hurt sometimes, and thus modern corsets are pretty much good when it comes to supporting and comfort.

Corset or Bra?

The corset was not in trend in the 16th century. Bras are more preferred, and women used to think that there is no difference between bra and corset. Corsets were used as a bra to give their chest a desired shape and help them correct their posture. You will not believe that a woman without a corset or bra is considered improper at that time.

Is it okay to wear corsets?

Corsets are worn by men and women both nowadays. You cannot deny the fact that corsets are one of the best solutions to give people their dream figure or shape. Some wear a corset as a part of the costume, and others wear a corset as a part of their waist training program. The matter of the fact that corset improves body posture has made this cloth a trend. But the question that arrives here is that, is it safe to wear a corset? Well, yes, if you are following the correct guidelines. There are certain guidelines that you need to follow to wear corsets. If a corset is hurting you from the first day, stop wearing it from then and there.

There is a fine line between tight and not of the correct size. You will quickly get to know what you are facing. It is necessary to follow the correct rules and regulations to wear modern corsets.

Things are not the same as traditional corsets. They are not uncomfortable, and you will easily get in the following of these traditional corsets. Although it is not effective in enhancing body posture, it does not hurt you from day one.

Fabrics used

There are some of the guidelines which you need to follow to wear modern-day corsets. Fabric plays a major role in deciding the durability, comfort level, and stretchability of the corset. Corsets are made from many fabrics. But, It is you who have to choose things from.

You should know the properties of each and every fabric before buying the corset. Traditional corsets don’t offer you such a varied variety of fibers in corsets, but modern-day corsets are only known for this prime reason. There are all the fabric corsets available according to your needs.

But this is not the same with traditional corsets. There are different corsets for different seasons. You are most likely wearing a cotton corset in summers and another fabric corset in winters.

Spiral Steel and Flat steel boning

As we have discussed above, corsets are made structured from boning. Corsets from the 19th century used to have spiral steel boning which used to fit from ribs. But, in modern-day corsets, boning is done from flat steel, which stretches from the back and supports it. This is also one of the significant differences between traditional and modern-day corsets.

Now, you are aware of the differences between traditional and modern corsets. See, as time grows, things change, and we have no control over it. Technology is improving day by day, and we can see it in every sphere of life. Things are modernizing, and it is we who have to accept them. Nowadays, corsets are more of an essential item. It is becoming fruitful for us, that’s why we are buying it. We shouldn’t compare corsets of old days and modern days.