Four Reasons to Upgrade Your PSP to a Playstation Vita

Are you unsure about whether you should upgrade your old PSP for a Playstation Vita? Not certain whether it’s worth the hassle and outlay? Upgrading to a new console needn’t be time consuming or costly.

Why Upgrade?

Think back to when you first bought your PSP. Remember how thrilled you were taking it out of the box? How you couldn’t wait to set it up and start gaming? How you spent days on end, hooked on your new games and unable to think about anything else? Wouldn’t it be great to feel that sense of anticipation and excitement again? Upgrading your PSP for a Playstation Vita is the perfect way to re-discover your gaming passion and open up an exciting new world of adventure.

There are now plenty of outlets where you can sell used PSP consoles and demand for pre-owned hardware in fair to excellent condition is higher than ever. The chances are that when you gather together all your PSP games, extras and accessories, you’ll be amazed just how much you’ve amassed over the years.

Playstation Vita or PSP

The Playstation Vita has a host of exciting new features which set it apart from the original PSP. Built-in GPS allows you to use map software and applications, similar to those found on a smartphone or tablet. A state-of-the-art touchscreen and built-in microphone enhance the game-playing experience and add a new dimension to handheld console gaming.

Controls include a Touch Pad, SIXAXIS motion controls, front and rear cameras and two analogue sticks. CrossPlay support enables Vita gamers to play online with PS3 users, completely revolutionising the handheld experience.

Upgrading to a Playstation Vita on a Budget

Buying a brand new console can be expensive, especially once you’ve added on all the software, games and hardware peripherals. Luckily, it is an excellent time to be purchasing or selling pre-owned gaming equipment. Recent years have seen a huge growth in the second-hand gaming market, so when you sell on your current console you’ll easily find the perfect replacement without breaking the bank. If you can’t stretch to a Playstation Vita at the moment, you might want to sell your PSP to make some cash to put towards your new purchase.

Many high-street retailers have sold pre-owned games alongside brand new products for decades, but the expansion of online marketplaces means it’s now incredibly easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. There’s no need to go trawling through shelves and shelves of games to find what you want as a quick online search will do the job in mere seconds. Detailed descriptions of the condition of pre-owned consoles and full product specifications mean you can be confident of knowing exactly what you’re buying before you part with any money.

Dvdmedia Converter for Playing Video Files in the Mac OS X

When you have some .dvdmedia files and want to play them on your iPad, iPhone, PSP, Apple TV or any other hand held devices you need a dvdmedia converter that can convert all your files so that they are easily enjoyed in your devices.

These files are generally not supported at all by these portable devices and so they need a player that can easily work out the videos for you. You will find these converter has got three parts and that includes an introduction of such dvd media files and the way you should play them and how you can convert the files using this converter.

Converter for dvdmedia files

The way the dvdmedia files are to be converted in iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac can be used to convert .dvdmedia files to the iDevices format that is compatible with these devices.

The .dvdmedia files are the backup files on Mac OS X and they are backed up from dvdmedia converter mac Ripit or Ripper for Mac and iSkysoft and these are bundled video and audio files for you to unbundle.  You have to right click on the folder and say ‘show package contents’ and the AUDIO TS and the VIDEO TS files will be unbundled.

Playing the converted files

When you want to play them then you have to double click the dvdmedia files and it will start to play on your DVD player. When you unbundle the package of the files then it is better to drag the VIDEO TS folder to Apple DVD player so that you can play the DVD movie. The files in the folder that you have unbundled will show you the contents if you directly click on them.

There are the .dvdmedia converter like DVD Ripper for Mac that can convert the files to different easier and popular formats like MP4, AVI, WMV and other presets that are handy for devices like iPad or iPhone, YouTube or iDVD.