Tips to conduct a Successful Team Building Activities

Building an efficient team takes a lot of effort and positivity. Employees join an organization as an individual but in the course of time, the company shapes its employees into a team player through various cognitive activities. A team that works together overcomes any surmounting difficulties with ease. Several issues can trigger in the daily functioning of the office, it is when a group of employees work as a team that they can combat the woes. The company through its various team building activities tries to inculcate the sense of belonging and brotherhood amongst its employees. The team building activities boosts motivation and instills cooperation amongst them.

We use the term team building or teamwork in reference to groups that functions together in an organization. According to University of Central Florida’s research, various team building activities plays a key role in building a team most effectively and results in positive impact across the board. If you are an employer, you must engage your employees in multiple activities that will build a strong bonding within your organization. This will enhance more productivity and cohesiveness of a workspace. Here, we will share five distinct ways to build the team.

4 Tips to Build a Team in the most Appropriate Way:

  • Fix the Team Building Activities during Working Hours: If you want to encourage more unity amongst the employees to enhance the productivity at workplace, you need to opt for suitable team building activities. These activities can help the employees develop trust and a sense of togetherness amongst themselves. However, it is not a wise decision to schedule these activities in the evening or weekends. The reason is no employees will agree to stay back on weekends to participate in these events. Rather schedule these activities during the work hour over a high tea, breakfast or lunch.
  • Encourage Volunteers: You can encourage team members to volunteer in activities that are beneficial for the community build-up. When the volunteers act as a team player to plan, prepare, organize and execute a plan, they can take suggestions from their team members and they can complete the project without any error. These events plays a key role in motivating people to learn more about team spirit and working together to get the job done in the right manner.
  • Look for Feedback: Make sure you take the valuable feedback of the events from the employees. Ask them about what they have learned? Do they want to volunteer for future team building activities? You can also ask them to fill in the feedback form to make these activities more interactive for the employees.
  • Boost Collaboration and Discourage Competition: The team building activities are inclusive of various games and contests for group participation. These contests are specially designed for employees to enhance their concentration level and encourage a fruitful experience to understand the nuances of team spirit. It is vital to ensure that the staffs should work together to find a solution to the problem.


Healthy competition is better for your employees and it will encourage them to meet their deadline. But, you cannot work in an office where people are arguing constantly. Your business can reach the success you’re your employees work together. In this case, you can hire some trained professionals to conduct team building activities in your office. Hence, keep these pointers in mind to encourage your employees to work together. Make sure you inform the employees about the goal of these team activities before starting with it. You should take their consent and you cannot force them to participate.