Top 20 Health & Fitness Influencers, Bloggers In India

From historical trends and stories, we have realized how important health and fitness is to humanity  and even today, it still continues. Apparently, in a traditional country like India, lack of food choices forced adaptation into their system, changed their physique — especially the men, and made them stronger. Most times, they had to eat green, work out themselves naturally by doing heavy duties, household chores and hard labor. This was how fitness came into their lives. But later on, as technology came into existence, and life became better and easier, most of the basic physical activities and routines of man that naturally gave fitness were removed.

However, it is the presence of these enthusiasts who are working to make the world a better place that is gaining importance among a country with an important focus on health awareness. Such fans spread the message of fitness by taking advantage of the social media that is widely used. Today people want fitness not only for their sake, but also for a sense of self-fulfilment, a sense of approval and, above all, look and appearance. Make sure to use fogger machines whenever possible to keep your surroundings safe and virus free.

Here is a list of some influencers who through their passion for fitness, continuously set targets for individuals.

  1. Vj Bani

Blogs/Social media: Facebook and  Instagram

Gurabani Judge is a popular influencer of fitness, commonly known as Bani J. She is one of the most important fitness insiders, in addition to being a well-known television personality. She became famous as a fitness freak and a reality show, starting with Roadies. She always has more to give, a fanatic ink that is obvious through all her body tattoos. She certainly has millions of followers on her Instagram account. She could be followed by someone like her with a strong attitude to get some wonderful and intense tips for workouts.

  1. Gaurav Taneja

Blogs/Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

Gaurav Taneja is not only a pilot by profession, he is also an example, with over 600,000 followers, of extreme health and fitness. This enthusiast of fitness demonstrates that these are all myths if you are looking for an excuse for your busy routine. It encourages all hustlers and employees, regardless of what to practice.

  1. Ranveer Allahbadia

Blogs/Social media: Instagram and YouTube

Another fitness fan, Ranveer Allahbadia adds strength and strength to a generation of men who are aware of health. He brought young men and boys to their bodies with ease. In addition to offering numerous Instagram workout tips, he offers tips on how to increase personality and trust yourself.

  1. Sunit Jadhav

Blogs/Social media: Facebook and Instagram

Not only is Sunit Jadhav the overall champion of Asia for 2018 and a rippy body builder, he is also the overall champion of the Indians three times in 2016, 2017 and 2019 in particular. With over 500,000 supporters, the goal is to demonstrate the ability of all body builders to fulfill their dreams.

  1. Rohit Khatri

Blogs/Social media: Instagram and YouTube

This health and fitness blogger, who happens to be a sports nutritionist, is a recognized face and sets new examples every day using his social media account to inspire a lot of youngsters.

  1. Namrata Purohit

Blogs/Social media: Facebook and Instagram

Namrata Purohit is renowned for her fanatical Pilates which breaks conventional standards. She is also involved in polishing, boogie bouncing and Barre, along with this unique training. On her Instagram page she exhorts her passion for exercise and fitness and presents herself as an author and entrepreneur. She wants to lead and help those who want to have a toned body like herself, and spends time in her own studio in Pilates most of the time.

  1. Sapna Vyas

Blogs/Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

Sapna Vyas, an American Council on Fitness, is a Certified Weight Management Specialist and Health Coach, and Behavior Changing Specialist. Sapna Vyas, a daughter of a famous health and social welfare politician, has completed a comprehensive training program, mainly involving walking and training. She has made an impression on social media websites such as Instagram and YouTube channels by offering not only guidance for the training, but also food and nutrition tips.

  1. Shilpa Shetty

Blogs/Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Does this famous personality need to be mentioned? She’s an actress, influencer, yoga teacher, and many other things. Despite being exposed to different high-end fitness studios, she stresses yoga and meditation performance and shows that nothing more than motivation and a yoga mat can achieve a fit body! She also gives fitness goals to individuals at this age and performs much better than people half her age. Through social media, she has made her presence available and not only provides fitness but wellness tips.

  1. Ankita Singh

Blogs/Social media: Facebook and Instagram

The other leading fitness enthusiast is Ankita Singh, who also won the titles of Miss India and Miss Karnataka. Her social media accounts show she is setting objectives of this dream vacation body and her health and fitness are important as potable water.

  1. Rajesh Monga

Blogs/Social media: Instagram and YouTube

The healthy and fit body of Rajesh is really a sight to marvel, as a popular celebrity and fitness consultant. You have no doubt to stalk on Instagram Rajesh when you receive the four titles, Mr. Asia, Mr. North India, Mr. Man from India, Mr. Delhi and Mr. India. He is rigorous and disciplined through his regular posts and never misses without posting an update or a fitness lesson. Go follow him, and that you won’t regret if you are prepared to commit to transform your bodies according to a disciplined schedule.

  1. Natasha Noel

Blogs/Social media: Facebook,  Instagram, and YouTube

The effective bodyweight coach, Natasha Noel, is a novice writer. She explains how exercise can be intertwined with the element of fun while keeping people always up-to-date with their Instagram routines and changes.

  1. Radhika Bose

Blogs/Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and  YouTube

Another motive lady, Radhika Bose, with her exquisite attributes and a sense of body fitness, tells us how to do things with yourself, not the world. She believes that by practicing yoga for over 9 years she challenges herself every day. Follow her on Instagram if you want to change your lives by bringing new dynamics into it.

  1. Kunal Rajput

Blogs/Social media: Instagram

His enthusiastic fitness led Kunal Rajput to become a coach at the Nike Trainer Centre, setting an example of passionate persecution, to follow his technical and marketing background. He is the perfect incentive for those who want and do what they want to break their barriers. What’s useful for him is his passion for his body, and it works perfectly in his case!

  1. Neha Khinch

Blogs/Social media: Instagram

She is a Chartered Accountant graduate and a professionally trained lawyer, an example of beauty. She shows that the job has never hindered her passion for fitness. You go through your Instagram handle and want to get the flexibility of the abs and yoga queen.

  1. Sumir Kapoor

Blogs/Social media: Instagram and YouTube

This is how we would define Sumir Kapoor who gives you a boost in energy, an athlete, an animal flow trainer, a health and nutritionist, and a Calisthenics nutritionist. In any case, follow this fitness beast who provides you with various training tips and guidelines to achieve that body shape goal if you want guidance and training.

  1. Shivoham

Blogs/Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Shivoham has successfully trained Ranveer Singh, Pariniti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor and others. He is at the very heart of the fitness industry. He’s currently taking care of Shivfit’s physical training programme, which includes various gymnastics, weightlifting, bodyweight training and cardio for some intensive training.

  1. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Blogs/Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

As a food scientist, a writer, and a fitness trainer, for a good reason, she has so many followers. Her body, as evident by her toned body, is an instance of good health and fitness.

  1. Devrath Vija

Blogs/Social media: Instagram

He obtained an IFA Certificate for strength and conditioning and founded a well-known Fitness Studio, ‘the outfit,’ which will make you look amazed at his training videos and give you that instant rush of adrenaline.

  1. Swetha Dev

Blogs/Social media: Facebook and Instagram

As a CrossFit trainer, a marathon runner and a medical professional she took several tasks to a different level. Swetha Dev unquestionably started herself to stand out from the crowd. Swetha Dev has also partnered with Devrath Vijay, commonly known as the Sweaty Ninjas, through which people are encouraged to practice fitness in the best way possible with their bodies.

  1. Delson Joy D’Souza

Blogs/Social media: Instagram

Delson is a senior software web engineer and a Martial Arts instructor and he reaches advanced levels in Calisthenics. His fitness is beyond your average fan and he’ll sweep you away. Find him on Instagram for a dozen motivations. The list of those influencers is indeed constantly increasing and endless. As influencers, more and more people join the fitness sector to change attitudes. The gymnastics, yoga and meditation are all round, from Zumba, Pilates and everything else. Even companies with fitness studios have partnerships to encourage their fitness staff to balance their 9-5 desk jobs.

A Harvard study shows how two persons of the same academic skills have their personality judged and that their fitness schedules are largely supported.

Innovations such as standing desks or cubic treadmills win over people who strive constantly for the best look. It’s no brain why fitness is more than just fitness because it can influence your mental health, social life and personal relationships.

 Some factors that accelerate fitness industry development

  1. Increased corporate well-being objectives have increased fitness from personal goals to group goals. Leading companies want to work with fitness trainers to train their employees.
  2. An increased expenditure on personal care has an enormous impact on the outlook of the company. Everyone wants to look better nowadays, whether it’s social strain or competition with their best friends, in a way that will lead to a healthier society where how much you weigh is measured by your wellbeing.
  3. Flexibility of choice and openness fosters fitness brands and classes because people are exposed to a broad range of decisions that make them find the style they want and work more easily on their bodies.
  4. The rise of social media is certainly an extremely important reason for the accelerating growth of fitness influencers. Initially, you needed to get a physical fitness room, but now you can be at home and more fit than people who spend hours in the gym. This convenience has led to the development of a wider group of people, such as introverts, housewives, office workers, etc. Initially known as luxury or passion, the right way of life is today known.
  5. You will find small/wide gyms that are today like a wildfire in any community or complex. The list is huge, the prospects for child fitness, pregnant women and mothers are growing exponential.
  6. Overall, the future of the fitness industry is bright, not only for its own sake, but also because it helps to grow other health and food businesses. Investment is increasing as the government takes an initiative to promote health and also reaches smaller cities.
  7. Hotels and companies now have in-house fitness facilities, combining pool and spa facilities with them to make them lucrative.
  8. Organized players, global companies and home-grown start-ups in the fitness sector are influencing greater consolidation of the market and creating new business models and revenue streams.

This all points to a better future for the fitness sector in India, while enabling consumers to lead healthier lives.

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