Types and Benefits of Sanitizers True Saviours

Our hands touch thousands of things on any single day. From the restrooms flush and doorknobs to shaking hands with friends and dusty surfaces, options are innumerable. But do we ever see the risk around since micro infectious agents are not visible by our naked eyes. Afraid, the answer is no. We don’t have an idea of how dirty or clean our hands can be which causes infections and other problems. In the process of touching our eyes, mouth, and other organs with those infected hands, the risk of virus transmission and contractions increased manifolds.

Not just during the Covid-19 pandemic, even in regular times when we touch our food without cleaning hands, it gets infected and consuming that infectious food transfers germs to our abdomen. Washing our hands regularly is one of the top ways to prevent getting infected and falling sick. No matter a kid or older adult, everyone needs to wash their hands properly before consuming food or after using the washroom.

An important question is how to save ourselves from getting an infection when we are not at home or in places where soap and water are not available? The answer to this question is using a good sanitizer. Our savior sanitizers are made to kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria. These alcohol-based sanitizers are the best replacement for handwash and water.

Various benefits of using sanitizers-

  • Using a sanitizer is the easiest and hassle-free way to clean your hands. You need to put a drop and rub your hands, nothing else.
  • It is the quickest way, and you need not waste any time.
  • Sanitizers do not need water and don’t take much time to dry off.
  • You can shop for sanitizers easily, like at our Bewakoof.com online store.
  • Using sanitizers helps in maintaining good health and well-being.
  • Sanitizing hands is a much-needed habit for all to fulfill the basic hygienic protocols.
  • Sanitizers play a significant role when you are with any patient, going to the hospital, or looking after your family person suffering from any illness. It is essential to use these hand rubs before and after coming in contact with them.

Various types of sanitizers available-

There are two major types of sanitizers available. The first one is alcohol-based while the other is non-alcohol-based sanitizer. They can be present in convenient pump bottles for convenient safe-keeping on your desk or your home. They are also available in top-cap bottles, which are the best options for your on-the-go needs. Below, we have mentioned in detail the two types of sanitizers-

  • Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

These sanitizers have 60% to 80% alcohol in them, capable of killing germs on your hands more efficiently. They are liquid solutions that do not need handwashing with water and are almost similar to non-alcohol sanitizers. And both of these sanitizers have identical features except that the alcohol sanitizers are more helpful in fighting infections.

●       Non-Alcohol Based Sanitizer

They are available in gel form and have lesser amounts of alcohol content in them. Just like alcohol sanitizers, they also reduce germs on your hands and fight infections. They can easily be carried in the pockets, and you can use them anytime and anywhere as they do not need rinsing off. These sanitizers sometimes also have fragrances of nectarines, scents, and much more. When you use them, your hands are left fresh and hygienically washed with soft aromas.

Correct Way To Purchase A Hand Sanitizer

Buying a sanitizer is not an easy task. You will see a wide range of hand rubs online nowadays. Few sanitizers have alcohol content, while others can be organic and scented. But how do you know that you have bought the most effective sanitizer? These below-written ideas will help you choose the ideal sanitizer for you:

Alcohol Content: Make sure you buy a sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol content. But if the sanitizer has alcohol, that alone can’t make it the most effective. The sanitizer, which has a correct mixture of alcohol and water, is known as ideal.

Purpose of your sanitizer: The second and another important thing to look for is your purpose of buying the sanitizer. Sanitizers are of great use to keep your hands free from infectious viruses and bacterias. Other than that, they act as a quick fix to clean your dirty hands and give them a dreamy fragrance. If you want to have it for the second reason, choose a hand sanitizer with lesser alcohol content. The scented sanitizers generally have 50-60% alcohol.

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